Senator Josh Hawley: 50 years ago that city is Berlin; today that city is Hong Kong


As we gather today here in peace and safety in this quite chamber, we must remember that there is a city half a world away that is struggling to survive, the city that is fighting for human rights and human liberty, a city that is a solitary pinpoint of light on the continent of authoritarianism.

The city is called Hong Kong.

And the need there is urgent. And the hour there is late. And it is time for America to act.

And I know this because I have been there myself. I have seen it, Mr. President, that I have been to Hong Kong. I have been to the streets of Hong Kong. I have seen the protesters marching in support of and defensive of their basic human rights. I have seen them demonstrating for their basic human liberties. I have seen them confronting the police with their tactics of brutality and oppression.

And it makes me think, Mr. President, that sometimes in the course of history, the fate of one city defines the challenge of an entire generation.

Fifty years ago that city was Berlin; today that city is Hong Kong.

By Senator Josh Hawley
Edited by by staff


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