Security is tight in Beijing ahead of more political struggle in the CCP’s 4th Plenary Session


We have several warrior friends in Beijing whom I must send my sincere gratitude to from here. Yesterday they run out around Beijing, risking their lives to gather information of the CCP troops’ maneuver. I was deeply moved.

At about 2:00 pm Beijing time, they sent me the information, which I had some doubts. But later at 4:00 pm, when they sent me some videos, I was shocked.

Why have there been so many armored vehicles, tanks, and trucks of special PLA forces entering Beijing city? Things look very serious as the places for deployment of those army vehicles are too sensitive: Muxudi, South Lake, the Grand Courtyard of PLA’s General Political Department, The Grand Courtyard of the PLA’s Second Department, surrounding areas at the August First Building, Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery.

Babaoshan is the place for the dead people. Why have they sent the tanks there? Are they scared of the the dead CCP leaders coming alive again?

And also at Jade Spring Mountain, the West Mountain, the Eight Buddhist Temples or Badachu, Nanyuan airport, and the Western Suburb Airport specially for PLA troops – why so many armored vehicles and tanks have entered these places?

What are they planing for? There has not been an official martial law in Hong Kong yet. Are they enforcing the martial law in Beijing? What is that military maneuver for?

And again, serious situation in Beijing’s subway yesterday! More tightened security than the National Day celebrations!

Normally on specially occasions like the National Day military parade, security guards shall be assigned to the main stops of the Beijing train networks. Those security guards act as snipers pointing their machine guns at the heads of train drivers.

The deployment is like this: They will have one security guard sitting at the side of the train driver. Behind this security guard, another security guard acts as sniper, pointing his gun at the head of the first security man. In some cases, another sniper is holding a gun behind him. There are totally three chains of security there.

These security guards have received special orders from the CCP leadership that they can execute anyone right on the spot.

Security was like this in Beijing’s subway trains yesterday. What does that mean? A military coup in Beijing? I guess it possible, or at least something important is going to happen there.

Who is going to be the target this time? Are they taking actions against our warrior friends? I don’t think so. With their little power, our warrior friends are not entitled to such a “high-level” treatment.

Dear warrior friends, who are they going to deal with? President Donald Trump? Of course not; Trump is not in Beijing.

Therefore, I think something big is going to happen. To deal with Wang Qishan? Maybe. Another anti-corruption campaign within the CCP? Maybe.

It must be a fight between Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan. It must be a big fight!

Another thing, the policy speech by Vice President Mike Pence has been echoed with terrifying responses from within the CCP regime. Ordinary Chinese people may not understand the significance of the speech. But all CCP officials must have a clear understanding of what the speech tells.

Those CCP officials have their assets and illegitimate children living overseas. They understand the seriousness of the situation and they are frightened.

Dear warriors friends! Our Expose Revolution has not only awakened the western world and alerted them to the understanding of the evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party, it has also awakened countless CCP members in mainland China. The efforts of everyone of you have contributed to the mission that has changed the fate of the Chinese nation, and will further influence the fate of the world nations. I am not exaggerating here.

We are spreading the truth and facts. They already have a strong impact on China. It is no longer possible for the CCP to return to what it was two years ago.

Any important things happening in China now are closely linked to our Expose Revolution. I have no more to say for today, friends. Just wait and see.

Let’s just pray for the well-being of 1.4 billion Chinese.

Everything is just beginning.

By Wengui Guo
Edited by by staff


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