Sean Spicer interview: Dr. Yan provides evidence of COVID-19


Dr. Li-Meng Yan has been making headlines as the whistleblower that revealed that the coronavirus was actually manufactured in a lab in Wuhan.

Again on September 18, Dr. Li-Meng Yan was on an interview with Sean Spicer, former White House Press Secretary and as White House Communications Director under President Donald Trump in 2017.

Here is what she has told the audience:

Dr. Yan Li-meng: First, as I mentioned in this first report, these are the scientific evidence which clearly shows to people that why this one was from the lab in China, and how they can do it and what have they used to do it.

And also, all these can be traced from the reference, the whole over 100 references listed at the end of this report.

You will see who are the experts making this virus. And also they have already published the paper to show they have done that.

And the other thing is that I have the second report that will come out soon. There is scientific evidence.

Besides, I have some other evidence. As I mentioned, I worked at the WHO reference lab before, I worked with the top coronavirus virologists, including professor Malik Peiris and other WHO consultants in this field.

And I have other intelligence, and also as I mentioned before, other evidence.

And I said in Tucker Show last time, yes, this is intentional. Because first from my experience, as I said, the P3 lab and higher-level lab, like P4. I mean, trust me, this is working for the very dangerous pathogens.

So they have very strict protocols. They have 24 hours/7 days surveillance. And there are people who work on training you, monitoring you when you are working.

So, we staff… we get strict training before we could get into the lab and come back alive.

But the animals, the pathogens all have to be destroyed after a very serious procedure. They cannot go out with any living possibility.

I still cannot say the names of people who I contacted. But here I have contacted many people from the government. Especially, my report was sent to them.

And from the feedback I have, people who read my report strongly support my conclusion in the report.

Sean Spicer: And where can the report be found?

Dr. Yan mentioned that she first attempted to publish the report at on September 14 but claimed it was hacked a few hours later so she had to withdraw it and move to zenodo.

“This report you can download from Zenodo that is open access database because this is a pre-print website. So i choose it to get all the  people can easily get it within a short time as we know peer review journals already be0 manipulated or influenced by the big power. So it will take months or years for them to review my report and changing and reject it. But i think this is urgent time everyone deserves to read this report to make their judgment,” she said to Sean Spicer.

The second report is going to come out soon

The first report Li-Meng Yan published detailed how there is in fact scientific evidence that COVID-19 indeed came from a laboratory in China along with how it was manufactured. The report explains “how to do it” or basically how it was manufactured inside a Chinese laboratory.

The second report, according to Dr. Yan, is supposedly going to come out with more evidence moving her allegations maybe closer to the truth. The second report is said to be even more scientific and will break down into facts how the coronavirus was manufactured within a laboratory in Wuhan where the supposed outbreak started.

When asked in an interview with Sean Spicer as to the possibility that the virus could have evolved as it transmitted inter-species therefore disproving Li-Meng Yan’s claim that it was manufactured in a lab, Li-Meng Yan gave a very solid answer. According to her, yes the genome can be modified and changes as it goes on but due to the fact that it is highly contagious and harmful to human beings, this is the evidence that it was manufactured within a lab.

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