Scott Morrison calls for independent inquiry into the origin of coronavirus


At a press conference after having a private telephone call with US President Donald Trump, Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called for an independent inquiry into the origin of the coronavirus pandemic that has caused disasters to the world.

Scott Morrison and Donald Trump have spoken about their respective strategies to combat the coronavirus crisis, and what actions to be taken after the crisis.

Here is an abstract of Morrison’s remarks at the Press Conference in Canberra:

If you are going to be a member of a club, like the World Health Organization, there shall be obligations and responsibilities attached to that. And that’s how – that is why you collectively band together, in the global organization like that to protect the world’s health.

And I would think that the ability to understand what’s happening in a particularly dangerous virus that has the potential to do what this virus has done to the world. People would want to know the information, sooner rather than later.

So look, I mean, advocating anything and pushing anything globally is ambitious at the best of times. But that doesn’t mean Australia shouldn’t stand up to that sort of things, for independence, for transparency, for public health, for taking actions early, for sharing this sort of information.

These are important principles in Australia; we stand up for them.

We will need an independent inquiry that looks at what has occurred here so we can learn the lesson.

There will be a debate about the timing of that. We are in the middle of dealing with the pandemic right now. And I understand some of the hesitations that have been expressed about the timing of that particular inquiry.

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