Scandalous Wang Qishan is out again to talk about world peace


Wang Qishan, Vice President of Communist China but widely known as a traitor, told the World Peace Forum at Tsinghua University in Beijing on Monday to warned against protectionism in the name of national security.

Wang Qishan described the world situation when opening his speech, “Today, the world is in a process of great development, reforms and a major rectification. The international environment is universally stable; the relationships between big countries are under intensive adjustment. Economic globalization is improving; protectionism has lifted its head; nationalist thoughts are widespread. The world is moving towards multi-polarization; regional conflicts and turbulence are intensified. New technology and new ideas appear one after another. The way of production and lifestyle are under dramatic changes. Turning back the clock on a hundred years, some people are worried about the collapsing world order since World War Two, saying humanity has once again walked to a cross-roads.”

The traitor said there will be twists on the way ahead and facing challenges, his greatest fear is fear itself.

Wang Qishan is nearly as old as the Communist regime. For seventy years, Wang and CCP have portrayed themselves as sage-like leaders of the Chinese people. But as their numerous crimes and scandals in corruption and human rights violations were revealed, they began to have fears.

As always in his speech, Wang talks about China’s civilization of over five thousand years and the achievements made after suffering and hardships of the Chinese nation. He pledged yesterday that the Chinese nation honors harmony and inclusion and hopes for peace of the world.

CCP has destroyed the most valuable part of Chinese traditions and cultures after 70 years of illegitimate governance. Whenever its own life is in danger, CCP takes out China’s 5000 years of civilization to make-up its ugly face.

Wang Qishan said yesterday that the goal of the CCP leadership is the pursuit of a better life for the Chinese people. It is a shame that CCP never works for the benefits of the Chinese people although it claims as such.

Wang said “development is the key to resolving all problems”, and that “China’s development can’t shut out the rest of the world. The world’s development can’t shut out China.” As always, CCP officials speak beautifully from their minds of evils. They have deceived and kidnapped the Chinese people for 70 years; now they move on to cheat the whole world with the same tactics of so-called “win-win”.

At this World Peace Forum, Wang is easy to claim that without peace and stability, development is no where to talk of. He said China will insist on doing its internal things good and deal with the external uncertainties with strategic determination and self-confidence.

Denounced widespread by the world community on human rights violations in Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong, on vile ideological and military expansion along the Belt and Road, the CCP regime now has fears to be eliminated. They might have some “strategic determination and self-confidence” a few years ago, but now these are only empty talks.

Truly fearing the grips, Wang Qishan said in his remarks, “The present international system is not perfect and needs a reform. But it cannot be torn down and re-made all over. This is the consensus of most countries”.

It is a joke when the dictators tell about consensus. If the Chinese have the right to vote, what will be the consensus? When over two million people in Hong Kong have walked down the streets in protests, what is the consensus?

Such traitors like Wang Qishan know fully that the days of the CCP dictatorship are numbered. And his days as Vice-President of China are numbered too.

Everything is just beginning.

By Cloudy Seagail


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