Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Pakistan withdraw from the CCP’s military exercise


In the April 18, 2021 GTV live broadcast, Mr. Miles Guo broke the news that the CCP’s costly military exercise between April 17th and April 19th was only joined by Iran because Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Pakistan withdrew one by one-two weeks earlier, and this had greatly hurt the CCP’s One Belt & One Road Initiative and their ambition in the region.

So I will tell you breaking news today. Just a few hours before we started the broadcast today, the CCP’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia was humiliated by the Saudi prince in Saudi Arabia, and he had a big quarrel with the Saudi royal family. Why? There have been a lot of quarrels in the past two weeks. The prince of Saudi Arabia, Bin Zayed, is very young. In the past few years, Bin Zayed tried every means to get close to the CCP and even flied to communist China to support its massacre in Xinjiang, which everyone has seen, and also kept their oil exports forever open to the CCP.

Saudi Arabia’s pro-China actions also include trying to use the CCP’s HQ-9 or HQ-9E in their missile system, defense system, and national defense system to deal with Iran. And in return, the CCP has built a lot of so-called oil refining plants and everything in Hulu Island (Dalian, Liaoning) for it, including the UAE, because the UAE has no choice other than to engage with them. Then there is Iran. This is the CCP’s One Belt One Road Initiative to control the supply line in the ocean and control the product supply chain. It has changed the rules of the game in the world.

The rules of the game in the world are very simple. There is a division of labor: the Middle East and Venezuela produce oil and gas; the United States produces dollars and high-tech products; China produces cheap products; Japan keeps an eye on China and Russia for me (America), and then helps me with OEM; Europe serves as my garden and makes high-precision products for Americans to enjoy. The Americans just consume a lot of the world’s most advanced products and print dollars.

But then the CCP’s One Belt One Road Initiative broke the rules because it wants to control the US dollar, control energy. Moreover, it not only wants to be a producer but also wants to be a technology creator and completely replace the United States. So under this situation, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Iran are its absolute strategic goals. This is the Belt and Road Initiative.

So it took half a year for the CCP to prepare something that they thought was the smartest – a military exercise, between April 17 and April 19, in the Strait of Malacca and in the entire South China Sea. Who participated? Pakistan, the UAE, Iran, and Saudi Arabia all planned to participate, and the CCP has paid large sums of money. However, under the huge pressure of the US, two weeks ago, Saudi Arabia withdrew, then the UAE withdrew, and Pakistan also withdrew. Now at this moment only the CCP and Iran are playing by themselves. The money has already been spent, but people won’t come. This is such a shame to the CCP, so the CCP publicly announced that it will no longer buy Saudi’s oil, it will turn to buy Russia’s oil, reduce the import of the UAE’s oil too, and stop investing in Pakistan.  It will play with Iran. So you know, it’s happening at this very moment, which hurts the CCP badly.

By Miles Guo

The Himalaya Rose Garden Team


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