Sanctions on Li Shangfu: more CCP officials now like ants in a heated wok


China summoned the U.S. ambassador in Beijing and postponed joint military talks in protest against a U.S. decision to sanction a Chinese military agency and its director for buying Russian fighter jets and a surface-to-air missile system, according to Reuters on September 22.

The U.S. sanctions will block the China’s Equipment Development Department (EED) and its director, Li Shangfu, from applying for export licenses and participating in the U.S. financial system.

Netizens are asking, “Why Beijing did not summon the US ambassador when Trump imposed his sanction on US$50 billion of Chinese goods? Why Beijing did not summon the ambassador on the second round of US$200 billion? And why Beijing is so anxious to do so when Trump sanctions a PLA man?”

This time Trump has hit the head of the snake! With the first two rounds, the ordinary Chinese are hit. They don’t care. This time when the powerful elite class is hit, things start to get serious.

If this tactic goes on, all the corrupt CCP officials will be so frightened that their dirty money hidden overseas is under threat and their way out is blocked. If that’s the case, would anyone continue to follow President Xi along to act against the US?

This sanction targeting the lieutenant general of the People’s Liberation Army thus becomes so fundamental that the Foreign Ministry Spokesman was pressured to raise a protest, besides summoning the US ambassador.

President Xi has a weak foundation in the PLA. His dictatorship is only the result of upgrading a few corrupt generals after taking down some others in a so-called anti-corruption campaign. Besides, almost no one from the Red 2 Generation supports his dictatorship.

President Xi was only able to summon some of his former subordinates from Fujian and Zhejiang provinces and those left behind by former President Jiang. None of these fellows has any brains or muscle for a great mission.

Since President Xi tightened his grip of power by making changes to the Constitution, these flatterers of no guts have kept a mindful distance with the dictator, afraid of getting themselves into trouble amid a stirring social resentment. That is why recently when the top legislator Li Zhanshu hails Xi’s dictatorship, others shy away from the applause. No one wants to be buried with the doomed dead.

Ever since Donald Trump stood up against Communist China, he has sent warnings to President Xi Jinping that the US would publicize the capital of corrupt CCP officials in the US, and might also expel children and other family members of these corrupt officials.

The Chinese leadership has taken this too lightly until the US announced the sanctions against the EEP and its director Li Shangfu.

After the announcement became headlines of most western media, Chinese officials are horrified like ants in a heated wok. Over 90% of Chinese officials above the county level have family members in the US, besides secret savings. According to estimates, these secret savings amount to five trillion US dollars and the number of related family members exceeds 1.8 million across the globe.

Their fate is now in the hands of Donald Trump. They have become extremely worried but can do nothing about it. Painfully, they have broken teeth that have to be swallowed down to their stomachs.

In order to appease his fellow officials, Chinese Foreign Ministry has to do something like summoning the US ambassador for protest. They know this won’t work a bit as Trump has determined to take the economic war to a complete success.

President Xi now knows it is not the Americans or the ordinary Chinese who hate him the most; it’s his fellow officials at all level across the country who have wished to see him go for Carl Marx as soon as possible.

Translation from Haifeng Express
By Cloudy Seagail


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