Safeguard the next generation: mass rally of Hong Kong teachers


Tens of thousands of teachers in black has taken to the streets of Hong Kong on Saturday despite heavy rain in a show of solidarity with young protesters, as the city braces for an 11th weekend of demonstrations sparked by the controversial  extradition bill.

The event themed “Safeguard the next generation, let our conscience speak”, as organized by the Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union, is highlighted by a rally at Chater Garden in Central before a march to Government House, the residence of Chief Executive Carrie Lam.

On Thursday and Friday, the Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union (PTU), the city’s biggest pro-democracy union for educators, has called on Hong Kong teachers to skip classes as a support to the pro-democracy movement.

The march on Saturday was among three demonstrations that have been approved by police.

At 11.30 am local time, The march kicked off in spite of the fact that the amber rain signal and thunderstorm warning were issued by the Observatory as gloomy skies opened on the city.

On Friday night, Hong Kong protesters gathered in the city’s centrally located Chater Garden for a peaceful rally as the Central government in Beijing continues to back leader Carrie Lam and her government.

The main rally on Sunday in the city center is expected to draw some of the biggest numbers during the demonstrations. It will be a test of the movement’s ability to sustain itself, particularly after protesters disrupting the international airport for at least three days.

After eleven weeks of unrest with more than 2,000 rounds of tear gas, the protesters have insisted on meeting their five formal demands:

-the complete withdrawal of the proposed extradition bill
-the removal of the use of “riot” concerning the protests
-the release of arrested protesters
-an independent inquiry into alleged police brutality
-genuine universal election.

With more international concerns and media coverage on the truth behind the protests, numerous crimes of the Chinese Communist Party have been exposed to the world audience.

Apparently now with foreign interference and backing of the forces of justice, Hong Kong protesters are demanding something bigger: democracy for the whole nation of Chinese people.

History will remember as the world is watching.

By Winnie Troppie

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