CCP’s PLA troops cleaning up the streets is a show of crocodile’s tears, says Guo Wengui


Dear warrior friends! Today is October 16 and I am having a live broadcast for peace.

Before I go into the developments in Hong Kong, I want to tell you a story about a sex scandal.

You may have learned about the scandal at the Red-Yellow-Blue Kindergarten in Beijing in 2018.

One of my friends who lived at Haidian District in Beijing just picked up his grand daughter from another kindergarten at Chaoyang District. His daughter-in-law was hospitalized and he did not know why she was ill.

Out of his expectations, he was told that a high ranking official was coming to see him. He had not expected the official being Meng Jianzhu, Secretary of the CCP’s Political and Legal Commission.

When Meng Jianzhu arrived, he showed his great concerns, asking about the health of my friend. My friend had his first acquaintance with Meng Jianzhu many years ago at a farm in Shanghai. It has been many years since their last meeting. He felt much honored and grateful that such a high ranking CCP official had come for a visit.

Meng walked around the rooms while asking about his family affairs, whether he needed any help or not.

Meng asked about his son who worked as a policeman at Chaoyang District. Meng showed his care as well to his son saying, “Your son needs a promotion in the police force.”

Again Meng asked about his grand daughter who was standing next to him. Meng said, “You need to take good care of this little girl. You also need to take good care of your spouse. I don’t see your family home have proper security from the outside.” Immediately Meng said to his subordinates who were accompanying him, “Please install some video cameras as soon as possible. They must be connected to the local police station so that we have 24 hours protection for my old friend and his family.”

Besides this, Meng had brought some presents for his old friend who again felt much honored and grateful.

Meng said to the old friend, “If you have any difficulties, just come to me directly for help.” And he said to one of the accompanying officers, “This is my assistant. You can have his telephone number and call him anytime for help. My old spouse Xiao Jiang will be coming to see you as well.” Then they left.

Some days later, my friend’s son came home. He told his parents what had happened: “My daughter – your grand daughter, was sexually assaulted at Red-Yell-Blue Kindergarten. I am planning to take the case to the court. Even as a policeman, I have been under death threat. I may be made ‘disappeared’ any moment. The number one boss behind the Red-Yellow-Blue is Meng Jianzhu. Father, the purpose that he has come to see you and ask his men to install those video cameras is to censor our whole family, so that I shall have my mouths shut. ”

This old friend of mine and his spouse were shocked and terrified.

An uninvited guest and unexpected concern won’t tell any good fortunate. It is like the tears of a crocodile. When a crocodile sheds tears in front you, the only thing it wants to do is to eat you.

In my live broadcast on September 1, I told my Hong Kong friends that the PLA troops must come.

Back in May and June, I had also said in my telephone calls with Hong Kong friends that the PLA troops must come to the streets of Hong Kong. I have said about this for more than 20 times.

As a matter of fact, there is already the enforcement of martial law in Hong Kong and no none can deny it. Hong Kong has a police force of only 30 thousand and many of them work in the administration. We have seen so many on duty on the streets daily. Where have they come from? Most of them must be PLA troops or armed policemen from neighboring Guangdong Province.

Yesterday, or just hours ago, PLA troops were out in groups with brushes and water buckets, cleaning up the rubbish and bricks on Hong Kong streets. This immediately made me think of the crocodile’s tears and the sex scandal of Meng Jianzhu.

As far as I know, the son of my old friend has been made “disappeared”. He might have been sent to Xinjiang and disappeared there.

Dear warrior friends! What do you think will happen in Hong Kong?

There may be soldiers from the PLA troops being beaten by others, set on fire by others, humiliated by others, or even killed or cut by knives in Hong Kong streets.

There may be unexpected traffic jams at certain crossroads and more PLA troops be out to help maintain the traffic. There may be drop-outs from high buildings that hit the army vehicles.

It must be the case that the PLA troops shall become victims of all incidents. This is the excuse that the CCP will order a crackdown by the PLA troops.

When is the time the PLA troops be out? Before or after November 24 when Hong Kong is going to have the election at the legislative council. To ensure that all pro-CCP candidates be elected, the PLA troops shall be there on duty to “maintain social order”.

Or, there may be pro-CCP legislators, like Junis Ho Kwan-yiu, standing out to request interference by PLA troops for reason of maintaining social order.

The real faces of the CCP like rogues have never changed in 70 years. They would kill anyone who dares to speak out for freedom, democracy, human rights or the rule of law.

We must be clear-minded that the CCP is absolutely a terrorist organization.

When the arrogant PLA officer Mr. Xiao turned down the questions of reporters on Hong Kong streets yesterday, we will see next these Hong Kong reporters must be their first targets, especially those reporters from the Epoch Times and Apple News.

These PLA officials may show some restraint against western media, but to their compatriots, they would never have any hearts of mercy. You can see the arrogance and hatred from the words of this Mr. Xiao. He won’t tolerate any reporter recording their crimes of killing, beating, raping and kidnapping. In his mind, he has no sense of human rights. He represents the real face of the CCP.

I want to repeat that October and November is the most difficult time for Hong Kong. The PLA troops have come. There will be more bloodshed on Hong Kong streets.

They have come first in secrecy, then in disguise, now openly. In the following weeks, all PLA troops in the barracks will be out in Hong Kong streets.

But I have a strong belief that Hong Kongers will win the fight. I am 100% sure about this.

Everything is just beginning.

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff

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