Rule of the Law: New Year message from Miles Kwok


Dear warrior friends, Happy New Year!

We have experienced a lot in the past year, the most meaningful and valuable 2018; we have created history. At this time of a new year, I would like to say three words of wishes to all my friends: I wish you and all your family healthy; I wish you and all your family in peace; and I wish you not be a loser in 2019. I myself expect no more than these three in the coming year, also my hope and wishes to you all.

Only with the rule of law could the ordinary Chinese people as well as China’s politicians have a life of safety. Only with the rule of law could the country ensure its long term stability; and only with the rule of law could the people live and work in peace.

Only with the freedom in beliefs and religious worships under the rule of law could the Chinese people live a happy life. It is the only solution to the widespread moral deterioration and healing the impetuous souls of China.

Thirdly we must ensure the Chinese population become a force for peace in the world community; we must show the world a peaceful China. Only by returning onto the road of righteousness and justice could the Chinese nation win the applaud of the world and avoid their hatred as a result of moral deterioration.

The land of China has suffered great destruction, not fit for human inhabitance, as more and more people are doing evil. The ordinary people don’t feel safe; the government officials don’t feel safe either. When nobody feels safe in the country, there are severe conflicts and problems are hard to solve. Only with the rule of law and freedom in religious beliefs could China have a future of peace, so that the world would want to do business with us, so that the 1.4 billion Chinese would breathe the same air with the world.

In China’s history, great changes happened usually after huge disasters. China is now at its worst time; things couldn’t be worse. I think, after our whistle blows and six years of inconceivable flips and flops, we have no more room for making more troubles. Only with China coming onto the road of justice and righteousness with the rule of law and religious freedom, and living with the world in harmonious co-existence, could every one of us live in safety, could every one of us feel safe with our wealth,and could every one of us live and work in peace.

There is no possibility that the so-called overseas democratic force would become leaders of a new government after the realization of democracy in China and act as representatives of the traitors. Please do not overestimate the strength of those fake democratic leaders active now in overseas countries; they have neither the abilities nor the ambitions to lead a democratic China. They might have been eliminated close to the entrance of a new government. Besides, they are looked down upon by the traitors who actually take them as rubbish.

But these people are also gifted by god to us. Why? These people have grown up in the CCP system; they have lost themselves in human dignity. These people, the same as those CCP officials, are very clear about the system with each trying to cheat or outwit the other. Within the system, the nation is under the rule of fake governance, corrupt officials and evil police. They have lost the respect to heavens in the cruelty and darkness within the system.

For decades of so-called reform and opening up, an evil ideology and corrupt communist culture has poisoned the living environment nurtured by Chinese ancestors for thousands of years. People under CCP rule have lost confidence in humanity; no one has the sense of personal safety; they fear death, sickness, and more.

The CCP officials in Zhongnanhai (official residence in Beijing) are so reckless in thinking that they can prolong their lives by organ transplantation. Therefore they willingly kill for organ harvesting. They even think their children can do the same for longevity and rule the country for thousands of generations.

These CCP officials are so deplorable that they have totally lost their nature of humanity and have kept away from the rule of universe. Thus they have lost the ability for normal and correct judgement of our living environment.

Those so-called overseas democratic leaders have responded accordingly to the traitors. They have built up their own social media accounts for donations, doing whatever the same as the CCP officials do in China, and hoping to establish a similar government overseas. They want to enslave some Chinese while trying to win their trust. They are not better than the CCP officials with immorality and loss of humanity after hailing 70 years rule in China. The western world as well as most overseas Chinese have become aware of their evil minds after seeing through their real faces.

The evil doings of those CCP officials and their overseas supporters actually have helped us with our whistle blows. They have helped strengthened our faith in justice and righteousness. They deserve their own fate. As a warning and a mirror to look into our own shortcomings, they also deserve our honor.

No CCP official within Zhongnanhai has the mindset, the outlook or guts to be noble people. Nobles or great politicians would firstly put the interests of the people ahead of their own. Noble people have the courage and sense of justice, but none of us has ever witnessed any courage and qualities of benefiting others in the life of CCP officials. What they have is greed, anger, ignorance, arrogance and loss of mind, apart from selfish desires.

Therefore I have said the year 2020 will be their doom. The heavens and earth shall cry if they were not eliminated. Demons shall dance across the world if they were not eliminated. The world would see no signs of peace if they were not eliminated.

Everything is just beginning.

By Miles Kwok
Translation by staff editor


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