Rule of Law Foundation registration finished and ready for operation, says Miles Kwok


Miles Kwok tells today that the registration of the Rule of Law Foundation is finalised and ready for operation ( with the mission and goals as follows:

Vision & Mission

Vision: To permit the people of China to live under a national system based on the rule of law, independent of the political system of the People’s Republic of China (“China”).

Mission: To expose corruption, obstruction, illegality, brutality, false imprisonment, excessive sentencing, harassment, and inhumanity pervasive in the political, legal, business and financial systems of China.

Core Values

  • To practice high ethical standards of integrity and accountability;
  • To bring justice to the people in the People’s Republic of China;
  • To protect and assist individuals victimized in China, particularly those penalized for speaking out against injustice.
  • To promote freedom of speech, media and general public’s supervision of the government activities.


  • To promote exposure of corrupt and illegal activities within the Chinese political, legal, legal, business, and financial system
  • To protect individuals speaking out against corruption and illegal activities in China, including officials, members of the Chinese Communist Party (“CCP”), entrepreneurs, minorities, and the general public.
  • To save individuals subject to political persecution or torture by Chinese authorities.
  • To make the exposure of information related to China a continuous and sustainable.


  • To expose those illegal activities to the public and governments (including overseas governments) for them to take legal actions against those people and confiscate those illegal assets
  • To assist such individuals in seeking asylum in other countries free from political persecution
  • 1) To pursue justice under the rule of law for individuals who have been targeted;
    2) To save and help them and their family members live safely without any worries.
  • To protect the confidentiality of the information

Action Plan

  • 1) Investigate using all available resources corrupt and illegal activities, and report findings to relevant government;
    2) Make investigation results known and available to the public, media, law enforcement, and governments.
  • Work with governments of free countries on asylum applications and residency.
  • 1) To investigate the injustice done to the individuals, family members, friends and associates by the corrupted CCP members;
    2) To provide them financial assistance, legal advice, protection and accommodation etc. and to protect their assets.
  • All information obtained is treated strictly confidential with proper code names. Information will be stored in an environment without internet connection to avoid being hacked.

What does the Society do?

  • Promote freedom of speech, media and general public supervision of the government activities
  • Receive and expose information of corruption, brutality, false imprisonment, excessive sentencing, harassment and inhumanity pervasive in the political, legal, business and financial system
  • Investigate and report to the relevant governments findings to relevant governments for them to take legal actions against the relevant people and assets; and make investigation results known to the public
  • Protect individuals speaking out against corruption and illegal activities in China
  • Make the exposure of information a continuous and sustainable.
  • Save and assist individuals subject to political persecution or torture by Chinese authorities

February 4th, 2019

Miles Kwok and Steven Bannon


  1. Your Action Plan is great and encouraging.
    I am a Hong Konger and have arrived in New York for more than 3 months searching for US Government Depts reporting CCP organized crimes here in New York. However, to my astonishment, all the relevant Government Depts like FBI, CIA and Homeland Security Reporting Centre refuse to take any reports and never answer tip reporting and emails. as well as courier mails. The Front Desk people of those Depts simply push you out to Immigration Depts on the same floor instead of taking the crime report of CCP.
    I am now in New York not in China and I have been tortured by CCP with radiation/laser beams day (on the street with police trucks vans, ambuluances, fire engines follow me wherever I go)and night in all the hotel/motel rooms from the rooms next to me and upstairs). The radiation and laser beams shooting also from 5G Cell phones in the café., restaurants, public libraries, parks, shops and even in the laundry store, as well as on the bus, the trains, they long distance city shuttle buses, which made people seriously dizzy and headache. When they shoot on your body, your skin and internal organs will pain. This is terrible terrorism and organized crime. Since I criticize the Chinese Communists, they sent me to Psych Ward in Hong Kong, In Vancouver, Canada and now in New York. They many police Precincts refuse to take CCP crimes and they just call the Ambulance to take you to New York Presbytarian Hospital Psych Ward and lock you up here for over one week although according to the New York Law max is 3 days. The NY police is helping the CCP to lock up normal/healthy people as a mental ill in the Psych Ward when they receive reports of CCP crimes here in New York. I am in extreme danger and I need your urgent help. All the hetel and motels I stay release toxic gas mid night and they spray toxic chemical powder onto the mattress, blankets, pillows and all my clothes making my skin extremely painful and cannot fall asleep. All my tele communications are always been blocked so I can contact nobody. I can report to no body. I am followed by so many people every day and I am poisoned in the restaurants and cafes and in my food, drinks….etc


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