Rudy Giuliani: we can use RICO act to freeze the CCP’s money


Steve Bannon: Why is it every time someone like Rudy Giuliani comes forward, the CCP immediately starts to attack him?

Miles Guo: Sir, I don’t want to make you unhappy. But before, I think Steve Bannon is the most famous white people in China. But, when Rudy’s out, he’s number one, you are not number one.  Why?

Steve Bannon & Rudy Giuliani: Ha! Ha! Ha!

Miles Guo: The CCP knows what kind of party the CCP is. They are really afraid of Rudy. Rudy really is one to have taken down the mafias, so CCP knows. They are the mafias. They know Rudy can take down the mafias.

All the insiders, intelligence people from the PLA, called me, “Miles, of all the people together, they are afraid of Rudy. After Rudy and Marsha’s interview with Dr. Yan, the CCP is blown up.” I asked, “why? ”

CCP knows Rudy. They know Rudy has the capability. He can take down the five black mafia families. Rudy maybe can use the same method, like RICO Act, to take down the CCP.

They know Rudy is an action man; he’s not a talking man. OK?

That’s why he totally changes the inside of the CCP.

Steve Bannon: Rudy, in China, you are known not just as an American mayor, you are known as the attorney who took down the five families.

People are saying, all the Chinese dissidents are saying: we love Rudy because the Chinese Communist Party is a mafia.

Is there a possibility in this country to use the rule of law to go after the CCP?

Rudy Giuliani: Absolutely. There’s much better RICO case than many that we have brought against foreign nationals. I mean we bring a lot of crazy cases against foreign nationals. And one contact with the United States, just one check that goes into one bank, we go after a bunch of Turks and we go after a bunch of Polish people.

In fact, the Supreme Court warned prosecutors they were going too far with international jurisdiction, in those stupid little cases.

Chinese Communist Party is as much present in America as in China, and the amount of money it goes on laundering is absurd, IP theft… all that can predicate in a RICO case.

That would allow you, if you want, to seize their assets in the United States, poh! All of them! That’s what I did to the Teamsters Union.

And when I answered the Teamsters Union, I put a civil RICO case against them. We won the case. We threw out the entire board. One guy, everybody out! They couldn’t believe it. All the casinos tied up with the mafia —Gone! We did it in one year.

The theory is, the mafia is illegitimate forever. You can just prosecute one at a time. But if you take their capital away, if you take their empire away, they’are gone. And that’s what we have done.

Steve Bannon: Do you think this needs to be done to the Chinese Communist Party in America?

Rudy Giuliani: Absolutely. They are a criminal organization. They killed people; they laundered money; they bribed people.

Notes taken by staff
Source: War Room Pandemic


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