Remarks of Guo Wengui on Osaka G20 Trade Truce


Some people say this summit meeting between the two presidents decides the future of Sino-US relations for the next hundred years, either cooperation or confrontation. Some people say this relates to whether there will be a war between China and the United States, and the possible use of nuclear weapons.

Today we are talking about this trade war, whether there is going to be a trade deal. After a process of ridiculous and joke-like negotiations, as I have told eight months before, these negotiations will end in a funny and truly ridiculous way. In human history, there has never been such kind of trade talks.

The vicious system of the Communist Party must be eliminated. Since President Trump came to office, he has been trying to resolve conflicts with diplomatic means, to build up new type of bilateral relations. In China, we call that playing the Taiji, or personal diplomacy. As a matter of fact, before America requested for trade talks, imposing tariffs and sanctioning Huawei, an economic war had started after the 18th Congress by Communist China to challenge the west. The Communist Party wants to lead the world.

At this Osaka G20, we will see whether the west would continue to let the radical cadre of the CCP rule over the world and enslave its 1.4 billion people. I have my source of intelligence telling me that some kind of agreement shall be reached during this summit. There are three core conditions to this agreement.

First, China will not be forced to open its internet; or the internet is selectively opened only to the United States, not to the Chinese people.

Second, about Huawei and Meng Wanzhou, the United States will cancel its extradition request and let Canada release Ms. Meng. There will be release in restrictions of Huawei on the condition that Huawei shall share its key technology with the U.S.

Third, there will be no new added tariffs on Chinese goods. This condition shall make both sides happy.

Based on this information, I have come to a conclusion that today’s G20 meeting will end with some sort of agreement, which I think may be beneficial to our Expose Revolution.

Now the G20 summit has just started. I want to know how you feel about the video made by our warrior friends. These days, I have met some of these friends. One of them is a veteran comrade. He just came back from China and told me what he had seen across the country.

I think he has brought me more good news than bad. To our Expose Revolution, it is good news. I had lots of worries about China but his words have comforted me.

He said one year ago when he was in Beijing, he felt the popular hatred against President Xi, Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu, and especially the villain Sun Lijun. This time, he felt some changes. Most private entrepreneurs hate President Xi but the majority of common Chinese think differently. Last year, many people were against the Communist Party. But this year, they stand by the Communist Party. More people have learned about the scandals of Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu and Sun Lijun, and more people have learned about the corruption of the families of Jiang Zemin and Zhu Rongji.

Most ordinary Chinese are surely that Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu and Sun Lijun are the demons. But most private businessmen don’t care much about their crimes. Instead, they have a common resentment against President Xi. This has been a great change, particularly in terms of politics. Study Xi App is very popular across the country and many people are truly brainwashed by that. These are the true happenings, which are unprecedented.

Within the country, hospitals are most busy. Everywhere, people are lining up to see a doctor. New hospital buildings are set up or expanded in many cities. Many people are still investing in property; most people are employed. This friend said DiDi car-hire is getting more and more popular in Beijing, Xi’an, Guangxi, Chongqing, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Fuzhou and other areas. Business is very good and people are lining up for the service. Tens of thousands of drivers are waiting for approval of a DiDi license, also lots of rejections. Restaurants are very busy. They seem to have good business. Especially hotels and medium-sized restaurants within hotels are extremely busy.

With the building of so many new hospitals, we have seen more cancer patients. These years, young people work really hard to make money, but many have ended up in hospitals. Too many people want to make fast money and then leave the country. They would rather go to Africa than continue to stay within China once they have money.

Within the country, people are shut up with politics. The area is definitely sensitive; people are completely brainwashed; lots of profit is also made in the area with many people “killing the hens for her eggs”. All private businesses have fears to be robbed by the Communist Party. The whole country has become a battleground for thefts and robbery.

Besides hospitals, prisons and crematoria are the busiest places too. Poor and deplorable Chinese! They are the most hard-working people on earth but under CCP’s propaganda, they work hard every day to prolong the life of the vile Communist Party. In the past year, the Communist government has stirred up the patriotism to act against the United States. This is horrible.

In China’s prisons, many detainees are from the finance sector, from P2P or internet financing. Many CCP officials become corrupt trying to make as much money as they can only because they want to flee the country and as quickly as possible. In the past, they directly or indirectly accepted bribery. But nowadays, their corruption has become more sophisticated by ways of holding shares in companies directly or indirectly. Corruption has been a long term investment for some officials.

At the same time, the CCP government stirs up confrontations among different ethnic groups. Xinjiang people now find it very difficult to travel in other parts of the country, the same with the people of Tibet. The rogue of CCP leadership has made Xinjiang and Tibetan people the enemies of the whole nation.

Some friend asked, “Will President Xi Jinping be regarded as a traitor?” Within the Communist Party, I shall definitely say YES!

Before this live broadcast, I wanted to take a risk to foresee my own future. If President Xi and Donald Trump reach an agreement during the G20 summit, I shall stop all my live broadcast and disappear by January the first of 2020. But I will still wait and see what happens next. To tell the truth, I am not fully prepared for that moment to come. I don’t want to disappoint my warrior friends too much!

Disappointments of our warrior friends against a possible deal between Donald Trump and President Xi are beneficial to our Expose Revolution. They show the forces of resistance from the Chinese people against the Communist Regime. Deal or no deal, they are all good news.

Dear warrior friends, we must remember: what I care most deeply in my mind, truly from the very depth of my heart, is the suffering of the ordinary Chinese people. With the elimination of the CCP, we shall never let our common Chinese become victims of the revolution or funeral objects at the burial of the Communist Party. That is truly what I care most these days.

In the past, I was not in a position to think of such things; that was not realistic. Today I am qualified to take this into consideration. It’s time we need to think more of the possible hardships of the Chinese people in the course of a revolution.

Let’s pray together now for well-being of 1.4 billion people.

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff


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