Remarks by Miles Kwok at Press Conference- Part 4 Actions to be taken against CCP


Next we are going to see: the mystery of this story (truth behind the death of Wang Jian) , the interests of different parties involved in this case, the governments, the intelligence, they are closely related to each other.

We see the relation of Wang Jian with the United States, his social relationships here. This is a photo in an investigation report by the New York Times. In all the 67 acquisitions we have just mentioned, they relate largely to assets of the US, investments in the US, interests of the US, interests of Europe and interests of other countries in the world.

Wang Jian’s family lives in Seattle, the properties listed here only part of his residences in the US. The body of Wang Jian was also buried in Seattle; we have a picture of his graveyard here. Wang Jian’s wife and children are all US citizens, he himself holding a US green card. All that has happened to Wang Jian has something to do with the US or Europe. They relates to the interests of the US.

After consulting our legal team and other parties, we think that the US government should take part in related investigations, as those investigations are supported by US law. We have officially launched our application to the FBI for their interference into related investigations.

Next, we are going to see legal actions taken against those individuals related to the death of Wang Jian. This will provide a good and important answer to our question: what on earth is the truth behind Wang Jian’s death?

The truth behind his death is important to all of us; without alert to this, anyone of us could become the next “Wang Jian”. We would see tragedies like the one with HNA happening in the US one after another.

I am going to tell you what steps we are going to take, and why I am standing here today.

Dear friends! Wang Jian of HNA Group is not an isolated case. Wu Xiaohui of Anbang Group, (the petrol tycoon)Ye Jianming, Jack Ma, (Xiao Jianhua) of Tomorrow Holding, thousands of Chinese entrepreneurs may become the next Wang Jian, or their businesses next HNA.

Our question is: all that has happened in the US about Wang Jian, are they legally questionable? Have they caused losses to US interests? Has HNA represented the interests of CCP in US land? Has its intelligence network here caused any threats to US homeland security?

If we are not awaken to the truth behind of the death of Wang Jian, anyone of us could become the next Wang Jian. This is why I am making an appeal here today for thousands if not millions of victims in China who have been caught, put into prison, or persecuted by the CCP.

I want to reveal the truth so that they can be treated with equal rights by the rule of law. I am making this call here in the US, striving for their justice in front of law, to protect the safety of their families and their properties.

I have already provided evidence to prove that HNA Group, representing the CCP in China, is an intelligence platform in the west working for CCP, a platform for their money laundering, and also a platform for ideological dissemination by way of BGY (Blue-Gold-Yellow).

Next we are going to bring about lawsuits against HNA, and take all necessary legal actions against it. If we don’t do this, similar tragedies will happen in the west. This is why I am standing here today: to fight for their rights, for our rights, for the rights and interests of the children and grand children of 1.4 billion Chinese, and for the safety of every one of us present here today. This is also the reason for my anger.

Next you will see: what we can learn from the HNA case? And what actions we are going to take in the near future?

Immediately we are setting up a US$ 100 million fund, called China Foundation of Legal Affairs. I hope Mr. Steven Bannon will be the chairman of this foundation, aiming at helping and saving all the Chinese who are undergoing CCP persecution, unfair treatment by its legal system or the so-called anti-corruption campaign, or cruel governance by police. They deserve no less of the equal rights, fairness and freedom.

HNA Group has called for compromises with me regarding their lawsuits and false accusations against me, but was refused. Instead, to counter their false accusations, I shall take immediate actions to bring them to courts in the US.

In addition, we will bring about legal actions against those US companies that have illegal transactions with HNA Group, and those individuals including Wang Qishan and other Chinese officials, with the court issuance of Subpoenas to bring them to justice.

We shall waste no time to submit applications to the FBI for their participation of related investigations.

From today on, we will let the whole world know about the dissemination and threats of CCP in the west. Our foundation will be ready to offer assistance to those who were made disappeared, persecuted, arrested, or forced into mysterious deaths like Mr. Wang Jian, to reveal the truth of all these tragedies.

These are the major actions we are going to take very soon.

You can see, after the interrupted interview on April 19 2017, HNA Group took the lawsuit or false accusations against me. As a measure to counter their accusations, I put up 17 pages of documents for their review. HNA Group did not provide any feedback. If Wang Jian had given me a feedback, he would not have died in France, allegedly from fall while taking photos.

Next you will see that, we will issue our subpoenas to the following US companies (referring to the PPT) connected to HNA and their beneficiaries including Wang Qishan. This will make history. In the past week, Mr. Bannon and I, together with our legal team, had lots of discussions to give a proper name to this campaign against the evils, whose names have been pondered over and over again in our minds.

After countless correctness and alterations, we have the final list of names up here.

This is the first time in Chinese history since the founding of the Republic by the CCP that we stand at a stage in the US to counter the CCP. This is the first time there is a Chinese man standing here to fight for the freedom, democracy, and the rule of law for the Chinese people. I am that first Chinese openly to use legal actions, to make good use of US system of freedom and rule of law, to fight the CCP totalitarian regime. I am the first man on this stage of freedom in New York where I stand up to fight for safety, religious beliefs, and a future with the rule of law for the Chinese.

To these people listed here, we will issue court notices for investigations. The names we have listed here today are all very sensitive names. What follows with HNA Group would be frightening, worthy of your attention.

After all these, I must also add, my dear friends and attendees, the reason why I can stand here today is because the US have wise people like Mr. Steven Bannon, because there are journalists and media like you, and my warrior friends who have given me support.

Please think, me, Miles Kwok, if I was in another country, I must be doomed by now. I would either be cut into pieces, or made into sausages, labeled with my surname Kwok. And the Chinese friends here, you shall never have an opportunity to take part in today’s press conference.

Because the CCP of China has been successful for all the 70 years, its threats, its BGY and its recklessness have forced us to lose our safety and dignity, and lose our freedom to speak out.

We have been thankful to the US and US government, thankful to western media, who have joined us to seek the truth behind facts, who have stood up for justice.

The threats by China CCP are far beyond my description here today. We will prove to the world with our actions that CCP is the biggest tumor in the world. CCP is the greatest threat to all humanity as long as it survives in China, even a single day.

Your participation has given me courage, which encourages me to continue fighting.

In my hometown, there is an old saying, “one thing is closely linked to another”. I will prove to the world with actions.

Thank you for coming. Thank you!

By Miles Kwok
Translation by staff editor


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