Remarks by Miles Kwok at Press Conference- Part 2 on Wang Qishan’s corruption


On the question of who HNA is serving, as you may have known, HNA Group is the largest private jets service provider in China and in the world too. It owns the world’s only Boeing 787 airplane, valued at several hundred million US dollars, at a flight-operation cost of US$74,000 per hour.

HNA owns this plane, together with other Boeing 737 planes, Airbus series, and several Gulfstream airplanes. This plane, in the past few years, serving Wang Qishan and his family and their servants, names of the passengers being listed here, has kept a record of totally 800 flights.

This Boeing 787 airplane, or this so-called private jet service provider, has never been leased by and for outsiders, same as the other private jets owned by them.

Just imagine, in the US or any other countries in the world, when the top leaders of that country and their family members have flied for over 800 times together with their private jets, at a cost of several hundred million dollars, do you think that is normal?

During China’s anti-corruption campaign,if anyone or any official has a relation with such an airplane and with such activities, he should have been taken into custody, his names listed on this wall too.

You see, this airplane has a record of 800 flights. We have for each of you (attendees) today a USB with the records and all the related information.

These names appearing in the files include Wang Qishan, the top official of China’s anti-corruption campaign in the past few years and now Vice President of the People’s Republic of China, and other important members of his family. (Photos and videos on show)

Mr. Bannon has asked me for nearly ten times to take down this photo here(Miles pointing his fingers at the photo). Wang Qishan here looks very much like a kind-hearted old grandfather at a happy gathering with his family members on a Thanks-giving day celebration. This looks not good for Bannon.

Mr. Bannon and (friends), this photo is just what we have wanted to put up here. Because Wang is wearing a mask. He has many faces. It is this old man, who looks kind and friendly like a Santa Claus, that has stolen my country, sent millions of Chinese into prison, and taken their freedom away. That’s why I insisted on putting up this photo here.

Last night by ten o’clock, Mr. Bannon still advised me to take this photo away. But I insisted on putting it up here.

Dear friends! When you see this PPT page, the information here can be found with the US authorities. It is a private fund, founded in the 1980s,during the June 4th Movement in China. It is clearly stated in the files that, Yao Mingshan, wife of Wang Qishan, and her elder sister’s husband Sun Fengshan, others like Yao Qing, are all Wang Qishan’s family members.

Under the names of this private fund, they owned many properties in the US, valued at about US$ 100 million. That happened in the 80s or 90s. Please imagine, under China’s anti-corruption campaign, if any official is not able to explain the legitimate source of one hundred thousand US dollars, he shall be put into prison, and all his family members shall be taken into police custody.

Hundreds or thousands of Chinese “naked officials” – officials whose family members have become citizens or residents of foreign countries- with assets overseas, not to mention overseas private funds, have been arrested, disappeared, or forced to confess their guilt on CCTV show. Officials with these wrongdoings would be sentenced by different expressions of crimes.

But the family members of Wang Qishan already owned a private fund during the 1989 Students’ Movement. Dear attendees, I believe, no one here, including Mr. Bannon who once worked for Goldman Sachs, learned about private funds 30 years ago. But Wang Qishan’s family had a private fund at that time, which I very much admire.

This private fund can be sourced. Why the CCP of China has not taken any steps to trace it? Is it that they did not do anything or have known nothing about that? The anti-corruption campaign initiated by President Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan in 2012, all the way until today, have millions of people arrested. Does Xi Jinping or Wang Qishan learn about that private fund? Do they really not know or pretend not to know it?

If we make a judgment of China’s anti-corruption with reference to this case, this campaign is just a political movement! All the arrested people in millions should be treated in line with this judgment.

Let’s take another look at the photos of Wang Qishan’s family members who have a relation with HNA Group. (showing pictures of the members on PPT screen). Tian Huiyu, secretary of Wang Qishan, and Tian Guoli, Wang’s adopted daughter Sun Yao, Wang Qishan’s (interrupted by Steven Bannon) Guan Jun, and the lady Gao Yanyan. Mr. Bannon has requested me not to mention these several names, as we stand by the rule of law in the land of the US. And another name Liu Chengjie.

You see here, Wang Qishan’s family members and other related beneficiaries, and Mr. Yao Qing, what is their relation with HNA? How Wang Qishan has been related to these people?

Let’s continue to the next PPT page. The development of HNA Group, from US$ 1.5 million to US$ 180 billion, how was the increase?

In the past 3 years, 67 of the world’s biggest acquisitions were done by HNA Group, covering all the sensitive industries in the world. All the acquisitions in these industries need approval from China’s State Administration of Foreign Exchanges, the National Development and Reforms Commission,the Politburo and members of its standing committee. If they follow the rules in the applications of all these 67 acquisitions, none of them shall have been made possible. None of them would gain legal support from these government departments.

Then why they have happened? When did the acquisition of Deutsche Bank happen? When did the acquisition of Hilton Hotel happen? When did the acquisition of the US chipmaker happen? The acquisition in each of these industries has been labeled by the CCP as “strategic acquisition”. This so-called strategic acquisition is nothing but stealing, to counter the US.

In a short period of about 1000 days, they have completed 67 acquisitions, the first and only time in human history. How many days to finalize one acquisition, take a look. Then you see in 2009 Mr. Wang Qishan was vice-premier. In 2014 he became a standing member of the CCP Central Committee when he started the anti-corruption campaign. During the period, the assets of HNA increased sky-rocked high.

I want to ask Wang Qishan, now as Vice-President of the Republic, who led the 90 million CCP members in an anti-corruption campaign. The increase of HNA was so tremendous, almost 100 million dollars per day, in three years of about 1000 days, US$ 100 billion. Why not for other companies in China? You’ve only stood for HNA?

Xi Jingping or Wang Qishan, did you learn about the developments of HNA Group? Does it accord to Chinese law? Why (Wu Xiaohui) of Anbang, Ye Jianming, (Liu Qiangdong) of, and others, thousands of entrepreneurs, did not have the same fortune? In less than six years, one sixth of China’s private enterprises have collapsed. Why only HNA has the fortune for rapid expansion of 250,000 times of increase, while others have failed?

Dear attendees, please think, in human history, have you seen a company with its value increased by several times in a single day? Before April 19 of 2017 when I conducted the interrupted interview by Ms Gong Xiaoxia of VOA, and before my whistle blows, no one on earth has questioned them: why? No one has talked about that. And no one knows who Guan Jun or Liu Chengjie is?

After the interrupted VOA interview, some significant things happened. Before 1993, HNA was 100% state-owned. In that year, it was changed to a privately-owned company. Where is the approval? Do you have a contract for the deal? Is there any loss of state-owned assets?

In the past six years, lots of entrepreneurs of state or private companies were sent into prison because of loss of state-owned assets, their families broken or resulted in deaths.

My question is: after the change of HNA into a private enterprise, the shares are 100% privately owned by shareholders like Guan Jun and Liu Chengjie; does this deal have a contract, a transaction price? And I must also ask, the shares held by Guan Juan and Liu Chengjie were transferred to Cihang Foundation, as donation to the fund in New York. Do they have proof of approval from the State Administration of Foreign Exchanges, or signatures of standing members of the CCP Central Committee? Was the deal legitimate according to the law of foreign exchange management? Do they have proof of contract or official documented approval? Did they report this to the Securities Regulatory Commission?

Both Guan Jun and Liu Chengjie have never taken part in the decision making process of HNA Group. They never attended any of the HNA meetings. Their names have never been made public in China. Why, shortly after the date of April 19 2017 with my interrupted VOA interview, their shares were donated to Cihang Foundation in New York? Do they have a contract for the donation? During the process, did they have any words or documents that must be submitted to the Securities Regulatory Committees of Hong Kong, the US and China in Beijing? Did they report the deal?

We must ask this question: as shareholders of HNA, the names of these two individuals Guan Jun and Liu Chengjie appear in the ownership documents of HNA Group and other listed companies in China. Why the Chinese government knows nothing about this? Why the Chinese media knows nothing about this? Why only the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Financial Times have known about this?

Why Caixin Magazine that often delivers the voice of Wang Qishan and Xi Jinping has no coverage about them? I must ask, what is their relation with Wang Qishan? Has President Xi Jinping known anything of their activities? The officials who represent supreme power in China or maybe in the whole world are Wang Qishan and Xi Jinping. Do they have any idea of what has happened in relation to this? If they don’t know, why? If they have known, what have they done about this?

Next on this PPT page, we can see the relationships among these individuals. We must ask, what on earth has happened?

Next we come to the second chapter: the mysterious death of Wang Jian …

(To be continued…)

By Miles Kwok
Translation by staff editor


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