Remarks by Miles Kwok at Press Conference on the Death of Wang Jian and the Truth Behind HNA Group


First of all, let me extend my gratitude to Steven Bannon for his arrival on this special day. He is a man of great courage; he is facing great risks, for China’s freedom and democracy, rule of law, and the peace of humanity. I hereby express my sincere thanks. (Applaud)

I would also like to thank the attendance of all journalists and my fellow warrior friends from around the world. (Applaud)

Today is a very special day. This is not just an ordinary press conference or press briefing, because all attendants here are facing threats today for their participation. This threat may exist against any single one in the world, including every individual sitting here today.

Years or dozens of years ago, no one would imagine that he might be killed by holding a press conference in New York of the United States, his hotel reservation would be canceled. No one would imagine that these journalists will be threatened by phone calls from the Chinese Embassy, refused a visa or have their visas canceled so that they will not be able to attend this press conference.

Tens of Millions of netizens on social media are worried about their own lives, murdered or have their computers broken down by hackers. What is the difference from the time of Hitler 1927-1932? This is the core reason why we are holding his press conference here today.

Today, when we look at this screen, with these words printed out here, you may not have imagined that this is the result of many times of re-write and dozens of improvement by my legal team and the legal team of Steven Bannon.

Why? The US is a society with the rule of law. The US is a society for telling the truth. The US is a society of equal rights. But every single word on this screen would not be allowed to make its appearance in the world’s second biggest economy-China.

Why? Because there is a totalitarian party there- the Communist Party of China (CCP). It has kidnapped the 1.4 billion people; it has put one million Xinjiang Muslims into re-education camps. Every time, every moment, even at this time of my speech, some people there have just lost his freedom, or disappeared, or lost contact with their families. This is another more important reason why I am standing here.

Let’s start now. My speech is here today, to show you on this screen, every single person who makes his appearance here: they are China’s elites, either high ranking officials or entrepreneurs, including the most noted actress Ms Fan Bingbing, Chairman of the largest petrol company Ye Jianming, the world’s largest NGO Interpol President Meng Hongwei who had issued a “Red Notice” for my arrest, head of the largest Chinese company listed in the US Jack Ma of (Alibaba), one of the internet giants chairman (Liu Qiangdong), former internet tsar Lu Wei, several high-ranking officials of China’s Central Military Commission Zhang Yang, Xu Caihou, and Guo Boxiong, Wu Xiaohui -chairman of Anbang, and tycoon Xiao Jianhua.

These persons above have either disappeared, or lost contacts with their families, been caught in custody or put into prison, or committed suicide. And most of the deaths have the same way of expression – death from fall.

In the past six years, those caught during the government’s so-called anti-corruption campaign amounted to a million. These people we have listed here are only a small portion of those under persecution, a tip of the iceberg.

Today, I am standing here, I can stand here …I thank the Heavens, and I thank the US (government). I should have become one of these victims listed on this wall. And I must have become one of those who had died of falling.

Many of the Chinese attendees here today, my fellow Chinese friends, many of them might also have been listed on this wall, or have died of fall, or just disappeared, or died of mysteries, or died of “shooting the fighter jet down”- a term by the CCP referring to sex scandals. I do not have the time to tell all their stories one by one today.

But I want to tell you that so many world famous and successful people in the movie industry, or entrepreneurs or cultural figures in the industry, so many officials or military personnel who have made their reputation on the international arena, why in a short time of only six years, they have disappeared, been forced to commit suicide, or died from falling from height. I want to tell you that the number of Chinese with abnormal death, arrested by police or just made disappeared in the past six years is greater than the total number of similar cases in 70 years since the founding of the Republic.

This is also the biggest number of its kind in the whole world. Is this normal? Does this tell the facts? You can see all the people listed here, and (their stories), like the disappearance of Mr. Meng Hongwei who has issued a “Red Notice” for my arrest.

On April 19, 2017, on my whistle-blow, I mentioned Mr. Wang Jian, former co-founder of HNA Group. Today I am not going to tell all their stories, I only want to share with you this most important case of (one of) the world’s largest conglomerates HNA who have carried out some of the most important acquisitions in the world in the past four years, and its boss Wang Jian, who has led one of the fast growing companies in the world in the past five years.

In the last 1000 days (before his death), he expanded HNA Group with US$100 million acquisition every single day, making it (one of ) the greatest miracles in business. In these 1000 days, his acquisitions were all over the world, making history of his time. But he finally died of the so-called “fall from wall while taking photos”.

Was that the truth? Now I want to present to you the truth behind HNA Group.

If you want to learn about the truth of HNA, you need to look into its history of developments. You see, in 1993, the company was valued at US$ 1.5 million; by 2017, it was valued at US$180 billion. The main changes happened from 2005-2014. From 2014-2017, about 1000 days, as you can see, they had an increase of more than US$100 billion, after acquiring 10% shares of (one of) the world’s largest companies Deutsche Bank, the biggest chip-making company in the US and the biggest hotel-Hilton Hotel and CIT.

You know what the biggest chipmaker and Hilton Hotel mean to the US. When we see all these, do you think the expansion of HNA has followed a reasonable course? I’d like to tell you that HNA Group is just one of many or millions of enterprises in China. Why only this company of HNA, in the past 1000 days, has its value increased by over US$100 billion?

Every single acquisition by HNA violated the law of the People’s Republic of China. Every decision made for these acquisitions lacked legitimate support from Chinese law. The transfer of every single dollar from China to overseas countries lacked the basis of support from Chinese law. So what is the basis of HNA’s rapid expansion? From 1993-2017, as we can see on April 19 of 2017 when I started to reveal the truth behind HNA in my whistle blow, this lady in front of us, Ms Gong Xiaoxia from the Voice of America (VOA) had an interview with me. I told her that HNA has a strong government background by corruption, an influential intelligence background, and its Chairman Wang Jian must be murdered by them (corrupt CCP officials), in a humiliating death. During the interview with Xiaoxia planned for three hours, the live streaming was interrupted. As a result, Ms Gong Xiaoxia and her team have all lost their employment with VOA, and I am truly sorry for that.

From the date of April 19, what happened within 20 hours after the interview, you have seen, I was issued a “Red Notice” by the Interpol. And I was charged for raping. Ms Gong Xiaoxia lost her job. The Foreign Ministry of China and all Chinese media depicted Miles Kwok as a wanted-criminal and a rapist, the most wanted-runaway, in addition to interview interruption with VOA.

After April 19, we have seen, HNA wasted no time to announce that Miles Kwok was a liar, a wanted criminal on international scale. They brought about a lawsuit against me in New York. What follows is that HNA has been widely questioned by the world media; many of the journalists are sitting here today.

Bank of America, with doubts that HNA shareholders have not supplied their true personal information, stopped its cooperation with HNA. Goldman Sachs stopped HNA’s IPO application in the US. Other financiers in the US also stopped their cooperation and funding to HNA. China Securities Regulatory Commission started to investigate into the backgrounds of its shareholders, and information of its factual beneficiaries submitted to the authorities.

Again, Chen Feng, co-founder of HNA, stood out to tell that Miles Kwok was a wanted criminal. Then interesting enough, we see Chen Feng told the media that 1000% of what Miles Kwok has said are lies. But after a series of measures either by the world media or financiers, in 2017, to counter its lawsuit, we have requested HNA to supply related documents. HNA failed to provide any documents. If NHA had cooperated with us in providing related documents, Wang Jian would not have died of “fall while taking photos”.

On July 3rd 2018, Wang Jian died in a fall from wall in the Provence region. Afterwards, as we have learned – one of the investigation journalists is also sitting here today – the Financial Times reported on the true shareholders of HNA Group and its business structure, an evidence proving that what I have revealed at the interrupted interview with Ms Gong Xiaoxia on April 19 was correct: that the biggest shareholder of HNA is the 38-year-old Guan Jun. He is 100% the true controller of Hainan Cihang Foundation in New York, together with Liu Chengjie, another Hainan Cihang Foundation controller in Hainan province, a 30-year old young man. The co-founders Mr. Chen Feng and Mr. Wang Jian each held 14.8% of the shares. There are other shareholders too taking about 2% or 3%.

The Financial Times report has confirmed the correctness of my revelations, and also raised the question why these two young men have the capacity to hold the major shares of this huge investment group valued closed to US$200 billion. This report tells I was right with my whistle blows.

Later we found in New York, the Hainan Cihang Foundation filed with the Chinese authorities was registered in December 2016 in New York. By April 17, 2017 after my whistle blow, on May 15th, Hainan Cihang activated this foundation. And on the same day, 52% share of the Hainan Group held by Guan Jun and Liu Chengjie was transferred or donated to the foundation in New York. That was quick, like taking a flight.

From this action and the timing, Miles Kwok’s revelation was the reason for their transfer of HNA assets, an act of money laundering. From our documents that have been submitted to the US government, the process and speed of this 52% share transfer is closely related to our whistle blows. Next we will see whom HNA Group is serving?

(To be continued .. . )

Translation by Staff Editor



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