Remarks by Guo Wengui on China’s traditional Mid-autumn Festival


Dear warrior friends, today is September 13, or August 15 in the lunar year, a traditional Moon Festival for fellow Chinese.

Let me first of all extend my greetings to our warrior friends in Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Taiwan, Tibet, and to all warrior friends who are spreading the truth about the crisis of Hong Kong. My festive greetings also go to their families.

This morning I was deeply moved by countless greetings from Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong. No matter who we are, we shall always value the companion of family members.

In the past, many hotels invited me to attend their opening ceremonies as a VIP guest because I was a successful businessman with a happy family of parents, a wife, a son and a daughter. They hoped the completeness of my family would bring the same kind of luck to their families and businesses. They paid me huge amounts of lucky money to help them unveil the coverings of their houses and bedding. Of course, I donated all the money to charities.

But this year for the first time unfortunately I became a man without my mother, and my father lives away from me. You might not be able to imagine that kind of suffering when you saw the photo of your deceased mother hung up on the wall.

Today at this time of family reunions, the Chinese Communist Government has deprived many Chinese people of their basic and simple right to gather together with their family members. At this very moment in Hong Kong, countless people have lost the right to celebrate the Moon Festival. Many Hong Kongers are wandering about the streets without hope. Think of the sufferings their families are undergoing. Think of those families who just lost their young kids, those grey haired parents who are commemorating the deaths of their black haired children.

More over, many parents and kids are still facing the uncertainty of their lives under the indescribable threats and brutality from the evil forces of the Communist regime. Many said they have survived this Moon Festival; but they are not sure if they will have another Moon Festival next year. I feel really sorry for them.

I said to some Hong Kong friends: For a hundred years in the past, Hong Kong had many memorable Moon Festivals. But since the CCP’s 18th Congress and the start of its anti-corruption campaign initiated by Wang Qishan, over a million families or ten million people have been persecuted, with parents separated from their children, wives from their husbands. Countless families were broken because of the reckless brutality of the CCP leadership. Can you imagine how many human tragedies were created over the years?

Those low-leveled corrupt officials may deserve the arrests and punishment. But there are questions of how and why they have been charged, judged and punished? There is completely no rule of law there.

While the most corrupt CCP officials like Wang Qishan and his HNA Group involved in corruption of trillions of dollars are not charged, while families of all members of the Standing Committee of the CCP’s Central Committee involved in corruption of trillions of dollars are not charged, what the hell is the reason to bring to justice the millions of low-leveled officials in corruption of much smaller amounts, to have life imprisonment for them and destruction of their whole families?

The CCP leadership not only confiscated the assets of those low-leveled officials and entrepreneurs in conviction (and put the money in their own bank accounts), they also threatened the lives of their innocent family members. On many occasions, innocent people were kidnapped as hostages. Was that fair and reasonable? Was that the China Dream?

And think of the two million people detained in Xinjiang’s re-education camps. At this very moment, millions of families in Xinjiang cannot gather for the Moon Festival.

And look at Tibet, my intelligence tells that the CCP has sent more troops in plain clothes for patrols today in Tibet streets. Military vehicles are hidden somewhere at street corners. People there live in white terror.

Although the Moon Festival is not celebrated by most Xinjiang and Tibet residents, the CCP government fears them as such.

Think of the fifty million overseas Chinese living in countries across the globe. How many of them feel happy this Moon Festival? And how many of them would like to go back to their parents to spend the festival but are denied entry by the CCP regime?

Dear fellow Hong Kongers! You are not alone. I think the hearts of tens of thousands of overseas Chinese and the majority of mainlanders are with you.

The Moon Festival is a time for family gatherings, but the right to gather for many Chinese was taken away by the Chinese Communist Party.

Over the past few weeks, I have talked a lot with American friends about the obscurantism of Shang Yang, law enforcement minister of the Qin Dynasty. CCP officials like President Xi and Wang Qishan followed Shang Yang’s rules as they want a stupid Chinese population to consolidate their rule by deliberate restriction of knowledge and obscurity of information.

The CCP leadership has tried many ways to weaken, victimize and fool around the Chinese people so that they would not challenge its dictatorship. Why they built the notorious Great Firewall? They want to keep people from the truth of their crimes, and they want to continue their rule with more crimes.

But this is going to be made impossible with the internet and social media. The Hong Kong people are not submissive because they know about the truth of CCP’s crimes and they don’t want to live under a dictatorship. They have risked their lives to defend their basic rights and democracy.

Shang Yang was executed with his body torn into pieces by five horses. Dictators like Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan must come to a similar doom. All dictators who want to rule the people with evil means must be eliminated.

No one has the right to deprive others the right to get together with their family members. At this moment of the Mid-autumn Festival, many Chinese as well as Hong Kongers are suffering in misery. Xinjiang, Tibet and Taiwan people live with fears.

Dear warrior friends, we still have a lot to do with our Expose Revolution to take the evil CCP to hell. The heavens and earth would not tolerate the existence of such an evil monster as the CCP. Anyone on earth would be victimized when the CCP continues its governance.

We hope this is the last Moon Festival for the CCP leadership. We hope to meet together at Pangu Plaza for celebration of next year’s Moon Festival.

Now please join me in praying for the well-being of the Chinese people.

Everything is just beginning.

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff


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