Remarks by Guo Wengui about Hong Kong’s past and future


The CCP was crazy in Hong Kong and the evil police arrested many protesters last night. This was a tragedy.

Among all the important contents for today, I, Guo Wengui, hold firm evidence of corruption of Hong Kong’s discipline officials and members of the pro-Beijing camp in the legislature. If I can’t prove that, I must commit suicide. Remember my words today!

Mr. Gao Hui, the subordinate of Vice Minister Ma Jian, who headed the Special Action Squad of the State Security Ministry, was persecuted to death by the police. He was a brave policeman. Before his death, he told me about China’s overseas intelligence networks, especially the intelligence personnel in Hong Kong, including their names, methods of contact and other personal information.

Why Hong Kong’s property prices are so high? Why HNA Group bought so much land in Hong Kong? The CCP has actually kidnapped all the councilors of the pro-Beijing camp in addition to all Hong Kong government officials by way of corruption. Its policy is to make Hong Kong a buffer area for politics.

In July when President Xi Jinping visited Hong Kong, I strongly gave him a warning that the traitors Jiang Zemin and Wang Qishan had controlled many local triad forces and financial interests. Three ministers of the State Security Ministry said that before the incident of U.S. Citizen Edward Snowden, the Central Government or the Hong Kong government had no idea of his whereabouts because the Central Government had not established its intelligence network or policing forces in the Special Administrative Region.

Former Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa once said,  “The most stupid thing we did was to ask the British intelligence organization to leave at the time of the hand-over.” With an intelligence network, Snowden was no where to find. President Jiang Zemin had requested the British to leave.

Later, President Jiang Zemin summoned Hu Jintao, Ministers of the State Security Ministry Geng Huichang, Xu Yongyue and Ma Jian and Minister Yang from the military for a meeting to re-establish an intelligence network in Hong Kong. Immediately after the meeting they assigned three thousand intelligence personnel to Hong Kong. Later they sent another six thousand, making the total number of nine thousand.

Today, Guo Wengui is telling about the truth, and I am sure present members of the CCP leadership including former Hong Kong chief executive Leung Chun-ying are aware of this: From the day nine thousand legal and intelligence officers were assigned to Hong Kong, the One Country Two Systems was factually no existence.

This was supposed to be an action by the state. But later it became the private ambition of a few traitors. After they deployed these forces in various districts of Hong Kong, they made a series of deals with major Hong Kong billionaires. By controlling the richest people in Hong Kong, they committed various crimes in Hong Kong, including money laundering. I can give you one example of a billionaire in the entertaining sector who helps mainland officials to launder 500 to 800 billion dollars annually. In the near future, I will give evidence of how they launder money by way of the futures market.

I have already submitted the evidence to the U.S. Government and related departments. Related departments of the U.S. And Europe are investigating this.

At the same time, they have controlled the members of the pro-Beijing camp and many high ranking officials of the police force by giving them virgin girls and prostitutes in Dongguan city, properties, bribery as well as the right for smuggling goods into Shenzhen. I think many people have learned about this. This is their second plan to control Hong Kong.

Vice Minister Ma Jian, Department Chief Gao Hui, and other security officials told me the above things in their Hong Kong office. Sadly, this second plan to control Hong Kong is now beyond the control of the Central Government. I am sure President Xi Jinping himself has no idea of what’s going on with this plan. They are controlled by Jiang Zemin, Wang Qishan and a few other traitors.

Two and a half years ago, I attended a wedding of a Hong Kong billionaire in Nansha. That day, former chief executive Leung Chun-ying was also present, together with other CCP officials. I kept several confidential recordings at the wedding during which the attendees said their boss was not President Xi Jinping, but Wang Qishan and others.

These traitors clearly told that after the 19th Congress, Wang Qishan would become the President and rule the country and China’s stock market would see a big jump. Several officials in charge of the legal affairs were given promises of promotions. From that day on, I had a feeling that Hong Kong would be in great danger.

I have kept the confidential recordings at the wedding; some legal departments of European countries also obtained the recordings. Western countries did not participate in the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong. If they had interfered or these confidential recordings had been released during the movement, the outcome could be completely different.

I have risked my life for the freedom of Hong Kong, for the future of seven million Hong Kongers. I am ready to pay any price to tell the truth about Hong Kong. Hong Kong has given me too much and it is time for me to give back.

From the charts to tell about the evidence, I have shown how and where the traitors have stored the most valuable assets of Hong Kong, including money for Hong Kong’s public health insurance. That’s Hong Kong’s future: many people’s retirement funds, the banks, the insurance, the securities and other core assets have all been controlled by the traitors. Amended legislation to Article 23 of the Basic Law will further deprive Hong Kongers of their safety, basic rights, democratic system, their well-being and their future.

For Hong Kong’s politics in the future, the CCP traitors have planned to use some Hong Kongers to control other Hong Kongers, to use some Hong Kongers to beat other Hong Kongers.

Communists are extremely good at class struggles and creating hatred among people. They take advantages of hatred and disputes to stir up confrontations and internal struggles. Within the CCP leadership today, political struggle is intense; the wrestling is already a battle of life and death. To fight for control of Hong Kong, the CCP officials have also taken their guns and knives out.

And one more thing: today Alibaba founder Jack Ma officially stepped down from the his position as chairman. He was forced to resign. As a running dog working for Jiang Zemin’s family, Jack Ma will die in a miserable way without a place for burial as he had colluded with too many families of the CCP leaders and thus learned too many of their crimes.

Abstract from Guo Wengui’s live broadcasting with Steve Bannon and Lude

Translation by staff


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