Red Contagion -how Italy has become China’s Trojan Horse in the West


Steve Bannon: Welcome back to continuing Saturday specials. This is War Room Pandemic. In today’s special, this hour’s special is the Chinese Communist Party, the CCP’s information war against the world.

In the first hour, we did against America; we were honoured to have Miles Guo on and in fact, in this hour, we’re going to have Miles back, Miles’s going to join us in the second half of the show.

Also Zach,his nom de Jour. He was on our show a couple of weeks ago, a really incredible young man.

We’re going to go around the world. We just did America. We’re going to go around the world. We’re gonna talk about Australia. We’re going to talk about Hong Kong; we’re going to talk about India, other places like that.

But we want to start in Italy. Remember, we started War Room Pandemic, one of the very first things we focused on was in Italy. You know what happened in Italy with the pandemic; that happened shortly thereafter it broke in Wuhan. We now know with recent reporting, Jack, my sidekick today for the hour, in both Turin and Milan, it started in Europe and the reason was that the industrial base of Italy is where the most Chinese, the CCP, invested the most money and has the most people.

Jack: Yes, and I mean this, they found evidence of the virus on December 8th that was far back.

Bannon: This is in the sewage system. We’re getting all this is all breaking over the last couple od days, will have more about that next week that the Italian authorities are now saying that they are finding traces of COVID-19 or CCP virus in the sewage system as early as December 8th of 2019. So that predates even Jack Maxi. Jack Maxi gave us heads on December 26th , the day of Boxing Day as we call it in England or the day after Christmas.

We’re going to start the show through first, we’re going to go back to Italy. We have a very special guest. I have wanted to have him on the shelf for quite a while because he’s probably I think and I spent a lot of time in Italy, working on a lot of politics over there. We have actually the monastery in Trisulti. We won in the court is the Academy of the Judeo Christian West that we’re going to launch online because of the COVID situation down in Trisulti about 60 miles south of Rome.

But when I’ve been over the last couple of years I met a young man, Francesco Galietti, who’s the head of a research firm called Policy Sonar. That has the most astute geopolitical and financial analysis of not just Italy, but the entire EU.

He has written a book called Red Contagion-Why Italy has become China’s Trojan horse in the West – and it is not in English yet. It’s going to be published here shortly in Italian. We hope to be able to aid and assist it in becoming published in English. And actually I would love to have it in Mandarin, because it’s one of the things we’ve been talking about. So I want to bring in Francesca. Francesca now joins us from Italy. Sir, thank you very much for joining us here, on the special edition of War Room Pandemic, the Chinese Communist Party information war against the world. The book is Red Contagion. It’s obviously incredibly controversial, but I’d like to talk first about your journey, right? Your journey from being a policy and geopolitical analyst principally focused on Italy, its relationship to the EU into America. Why did you become so maniacally focused on China and why are you saying that this is the biggest most important thing that’s happening in Italy is China’s involvement?

Francesca: It’s because Italy sits across fault lines, north, southeast, west, but – Nevertheless, it’s always been a part of the west. It’s even being the cradle of the west. So seeing it drift towards Asia and especially towards authoritarian China is a nightmare.

Italy has a very fragile and corrupt political system which is heavily exposed to China’s charm offensive. And what Italy has that one one else has is the presence of the Vatican on Italian soil. And so these days, the Vatican which is hugely influential in the Italian political system is tilted toward China, wants a deal with China, and it is offering Italy to entice China.

So what we have at the pinnacle of the Italian political system is Catholics. Our head of state is a leftist Catholics, our Prime Minister is a leftist Catholics. These people use the Vatican as a geopolitical compass. And these days, that compass tells you Xi Jinping and CCP. As a consequence, the cloud of China in Italy is gigantic.

What we see in popularity ratings in surveys is that the vast majority of Italians want neutrality and that many of them, if a war between China and the US begins, would side with China. This is extremely worrying and I blame it partly or largely on the folk.

Bannon: Francesca, hang on for a second. Jackie, obviously jump in here. But my head’s blown up already. You’re playing to, we not only have a vast American audience on the John Fredericks Radio Network in America’s voice dot news. We are also international on shortwave radio, IRS, but we’re also subtitled in Mandarin and we go out to a massive Chinese audience.

My head is blown up. How can Italy and you call the cradle of the west, really the center of Rome, the Roman Republic which our founders, the founders of the United States, model the government of the United States on. Obviously, the cradle of the Catholic Church where Saint Peter and Saint Paul went to Rome to spread the word of Christ to the Gentiles. Also the Roman Empire which you know both Britain and the United States kind of modeled themselves also on. How can Rome and how can the Italian people model themselves on what is drifting towards a totalitarian dictatorship that the Chinese Communist Party is? And we talk about the Vatican in the church, the most murderous, atheistic, materialistic communist dictatorship that even sworn what the Soviet Union was with John Paul the 2nd and Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher helped to bring down. It boggles the mind that it is even a possibility. How could this possibly be?

Francesca: It’s happening and it’s the nightmare of every Anglo-American strategist. So once upon a time their nightmare used to be their nightmare between Russia and Germany. It used to be traditional Eurasia, OK? These days, it’s much more sophisticated. It’s China, which is not only bringing about the Eurasian nightmare, but it’s also welding it with Africa and the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean. And Italy is obviously a big part of that mosaic because Italy brings you the Mediterranean.

So, I think that in Rome, many believe that Italy can play a strategic role in all this. And therefore it can extract big dividends from being so important in China’s global strategy. Now that’s a very worrying line of thinking. But this one that exists, and because of that, I think it will create huge damage to Italy because Italy cannot be allowed to drift towards this authoritarian club of China, Iran, Russia, Venezuela, you name them.

It’s geopolitical authoritarian powers who want to have a power system that is completely alternative to the western one.

Bannon: But Francesca let me just … This has to be about money in the corruption in the Italian political system. There’s got to be that the CCP uses money in cash. I remember when the five-star head went over to Beijing. Quite frankly it was embarrassing because he was like a young boy so wide-eyed with all the material goods that Beijing had and what they were promising on One Belt One Road. This has to be the pay off to corrupt the Italian political system and also to the corruption inside the Vatican. Is that what’s driving? Is it a geopolitical concern or does it come down just to cash? These guys can pay and the Americans can’t.

Francesca: Yes, there is that angle to it. Of course there is corruption involved. We have already evidence of also civil servants reaching out for money. We had a gigantic scandal at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with the senior Italian diplomat put under criminal investigation for trading secrets with China. So that’s what..probably that’s the tip of the iceberg. We’ll have to wait and see how many other cases exist. But yes, money is a big part of that as you put it brutally. Italians are driven by that, and I haven’t seen much of it coming from the other side of the Atlantic for a while. China has been throwing money at whatever moves.

So yes, money is a main driver and the Vatican is another big driver. It’s a combination of factors. It’s not just one factor at play, but yet money is the..

Bannon: But Francesca, the CCP, the Chinese Communist Party is an atheistic, materialistic communistic gangster dictatorship that is taken, I believe, outside the Dalai Lama the holiest man in the world.

Cardinal Zen of Hong Kong- this courageous bishop has sat there and said these people are murderers. They shut down the underground Catholic Church; they have put a phony church on top of it. How possibly with the flow of information could the Vatican be in business with a materialistic, atheistic dictatorship? That’s the principal focus, one of it is the destruction of all spiritual endeavors whether its’ Buddhist or Muslim but particularly Christianity and Catholicism.

Francesca: Yes, you are right. The Vatican should not be doing this. But this Pope is anti-American and I also think that he is penetrating the Chinese religious market even if it comes at a huge cost. It’s a move to have a first mover advantage versus the evangelicals. He clearly hates protestants and evangelicals which he considers Proxies of the US.

Let’s not forget this Pope is not a friend of the US for sure.

Jack Maxi: Francesca, this is Jack Maxi here. Can I ask you a question –what’s the feeling on the street? W’re seeing in western countries all around the world the sensibility of the men on the street blaming the Chinese Communist Party for releasing this virus on the world. Is that the feeling on the streets in Italy or are they that blue pill blissfully ignorant there?

Francesca: So so, there is some of that. But don’t forget it, Italians have been bombarded with Chinese propaganda echoed by Italian politicians 24/7. So I’m sure that those who think with their own minds are disgusted at what they see like China spreading the virus and then Italian politicians are thinking that, thanking China publicly, ok, but many others are the victims of a gigantic brainwashing machinery at work.

So the real problem is not so much Italians, it is Italian politicians parroting Chinese propaganda and using Italian state broadcasters to do that. So that’s the biggest issue.

I think the man on the street is wise enough, but there is a gigantic propaganda machine at work.

Bannon: Francesca, we would like to see you to stay for the next segment. I’ve got a couple of more things I want to go to. The book is called Red Contagion-just out in Italian. But here at the War Room, we are making every effort to get it to an American publisher. How Italy has become the Trojan horse for the west, China’s Trojan horse for the west. A stunning book from one of the brilliant young man in Europe, Francesca Galietti.

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