Protesters block streets with officials attending an indoor flag-raising ceremony on the 22nd anniversary of Hong Kong handover


Hong Kong government has been forced to hold the flag-raising ceremony indoors for first time in 22 years amid heavy security, rain and protesters already clashing with police in the streets.

Hong Kong armed servicemen raise the flags in a ceremony to mark the handover.

While soldiers raised the flags outside in rain and wind, those officials and “distinguished guests” watched the proceedings via a live broadcast from inside the air-conditioned exhibition centre while drinking wine and having dim sums.

Police officers and pro-democracy protesters clash outside government headquarters.

The 22nd anniversary of Hong Kong’s retrocession to China dawned Monday morning with gray skies, and news of another tragic death, Time has reported.

Local media reported that a 29-year-old woman had fallen to her death from the retail podium of the International Finance Centre, after leaving a Facebook post saying that she would not be attending a massive anti-government march planned for today but encouraged Hongkongers to ga yau (Cantonese meaning “go with more efforts ).

Early in the morning, thousands of protesters around the venue pushed barriers and dumpsters into the streets in an apparent bid to block the symbolically important ceremony around Golden Bauhinia Square that has been shut down since Saturday.

A black Hong Kong flag hoisted by protesters flies at Tamar Park in the early hours of Monday, in place of the national flag.

During her speech, Chief Executive Carrie Lam said, “The events happening in the past month have put the government and Hong Kong people into contradictions and conflicts. They also make me fully understand that, as a governor, I shall always be alert, keep myself fully informed of public opinions, and I strongly feel that in spite of a good initial desire, I must also be open-minded and inclusive. Besides administrative efficiency, the government must have patience for public opinion.”

“After the events, I will make sure my government will come closer to the people and their hearts. I will actively respond to what the public think and ask for. Fundamentally the way we manage the government will be more open and inclusive. We will have a reform on how to listen to the people,” the Chief Executive remarked.

Protesters holding umbrellas face off police officers in anti-riot gear in Hong Kong on Monday.

Amid intense protests for her to step down, Carrie Lam said she would spend time to meet people from all walks of life and bring about a healthy exchange. “These are urgent tasks and shall start from myself. The SAR will work even harder to let us win back the trust and let Hong Kong begin a new journey,” concluded Carrie Lam.

But these humble words of the Chief Executive will not stop the turnout of more demonstrations on Hong Kong streets and protests against her governance.

Handover anniversary ceremony amid rain and heavy security.
Hong Kong people turnout for protests on ceremony day.
Police are pushing the protesters back at noon of July 1.
Some protesters broke the glass door while armed police are on full alert in the afternoon at the Legislative Council.
More people have joined the demonstration late in the afternoon of July 1.
Tension heats up at about 5:00 pm when more protesters turned out onto the streets.
The government has directed the scene of “dismantling the entrance gate of the legislative council” by riot gangsters in the afternoon.
“Riot by gangsters” has been created as an excuse so that the Central Government may use force to suppress the protests.
By 10:00 pm, riot gangsters have broken into the legislative council building and stormed the conference hall. Viewers shall have a question mark as to who has planned all these “riots”.
Unlike those “riot gangsters” employed by the government, these are the real Hong Kong people demonstrating peacefully on streets at about 8:00 pm of July 1.

By staff editor


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