Probe into President Xi Jinping as enemy of the world


Exiled Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui (or Miles Guo, Miles Kwok) has vowed to take down the Chinese Communist Party and bring President Xi Jinping and other CCP leaders to justice. This has been the greatest mission in human history.

Stage One: The Revolutionary Whistleblower

When Miles Guo made his first appearance at an interview with Dr. Chen Xiaoping of Mingjing media on January 26 of 2017, he looked mature, handsome, and gentleman-like. His eloquence and excellence in reasoning instantly captured the attention of thousands.

From this day on, Miles Guo as a revolutionary whistleblower has revealed to the world the corruption and scandals of the Chinese Communist Party leadership including President Xi Jinping and Vice-president Wang Qishan, and thus started the Whistleblowers’ Movement.

Miles Guo spent almost two years to detail the crimes of Wang Qishan and the truth behind the death of former HNA chairman Wang Jian.

In his live broadcast on November 20, 2019, Guo exposed an account statement of UBS bank in the name of Sun Yao, daughter of Vice President Wang Qishan. According to the statement, on 31 July of 2018, an amount of about 1.5 billion US dollars was transferred into Sun Yao’s personal account.

Guo said, “See how evil is Wang Qishan?! He made two separate transfers in one day at an amount of 1.5 billion dollars. I shed tears when I first looked at the numbers. Do you know why so many people in China live in poverty and cannot afford the pork? If I was not making this revelation like a funny show, I must fall down of a heart attack.”

Miles Guo told that former President Jiang Zemin was behind the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines MH370 to cover up his scandals in live-organ harvesting.

Another key figure in the scandal of 1YMD of Malaysia is Jho Low who has been on the wanted list by America while the Chinese government did its best for his protection. Guo said Jho Low is the illegitimate son of Meng Jianzhu, former Secretary of the Political and Justice Commission.

Guo said in his broadcast on December 2, 2018, “I can tell you the answers. The reason why Jho Low won Najib’s trust is his background with Meng Jianzhu, China’s intelligence agency and the Ministry of State Security, first department of the Ministry of Public Security, as well as heads of Hong Kong and Macau. He also has the endorsement form Jiang Zemin’s family.”

Guo told about the CCP’s BGY scheme, 3F plan and its overseas intelligence network. He said President Xi’s Belt & Road Initiative, Made in China 2025 and 2035, 2019 plans all serve the same purpose.

“The overseas intelligence network is the core asset of Wang Qishan and other state traitors, ” said Guo. “They have the media control, the Grand Overseas Propaganda Campaign, the BGY schemes and 3F Plan against the United States. They have done all these to protect their unlawful assets and illegitimate children.”

Guo also revealed that Jiang Zemin and his allies have a plan called South Putuo Conference to make Xi Jinping a puppet and of how to keep Xi under their control.

Guo said to his warrior friends across the world, “I am telling you, friends, either Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu, Jiang’s family or Xi Jinping is my ultimate target; my ultimate target is the CCP.”

With these revelations, the CCP leadership has designated Miles Guo as the greatest threat to their dictatorship, and thus they have planned in many ways for his defamation and extradition.

Thus, there was his interrupted interview with Voice of America in April 2017. There was the murder of HNA chairman Wang Jian in Provence of France in July 2018 and later detention of Interpol President Meng Hongwei who issued the “Red Notice” for Guo’s arrest.

Then, there were the visits of Liu Yanping (Secretary of the CCP’s PLA Political and Legal Commission) and Sun Lijun (Vice Minister of Police Ministry) to the US for negotiations in possible deportation of Guo back to China.

Then, there were other plans executed by Chinese spy Bruno Wu and financed by Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma for Guo’s extradition.

The CCP leadership has mobilized the national forces of a whole nation for the capture of Miles Guo. President Xi Jinping personally sought President Trump’s help when they met at the Mar-a-Lago Estate in April 2017. “Please do me a favor, “Xi sent President Trump a private letter and Guo learned about it from a White House official.

Guo said in his live broadcast on April 7, 2019, “I have told you in my last whistle blow that a public relations company in Malaysia tried to lobby American officials for my extradition to China. The Chinese government also colluded with Abu Dhabi, Iran, and other Middle East countries, trying to get me back. They have tried for three to four years without any legal procedure or concrete evidence. Chinese state traitors promised that these foreign countries be exempted from their debts for helping with my extradition.”

In this great battle, Miles Guo has been playing dangerous games with the CCP. As a key strategy, Miles Guo put forth his Seven Principles at the primary stage of his whistle blows: against governance by corruption, against governance by police, against anti-corruption by evil means, against anti-corruption by corruption; not against the Chinese nation, not against the Chinese people, and not against President Xi.

Although Xi has sought his extradition, Miles Guo has the broadness in his mind to declare “Not oppose Xi Jinping” in his first stage.

Step by step, this strategy has dragged Xi Jinping into fights within the CCP leadership and thus has led to the removal of many evil officials: Sun Lijun was detained; Meng Jianzhu was detained; Wang Qishan is now under house arrest.

Stage Two: Open the battlefield in the west

Since 2017, Miles Guo has made headlines with his whistle blows accusing CCP officials of corruption and other scandals. He started the battles in the western world.

In greater detail, Guo revealed the CCP’s plans in the Middle East, how they have taken control of Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, and much of Africa and Latin America; how they cooperated with Iran and North Korea; what are their ambitions in Djibouti and Venezuela; and what are their plans to weaken America and dominate the world. He has been trying hard to awaken the world to face real threats from Communist China.

Former White House Chief Strategist Steven Bannon soon joined Miles Guo and on November 20, 2018, they jointly hosted the Press Briefing on the death of Wang Jian and the Truth behind HNA Group in New York. Mr. Bannon has been Guo’s brother-in-arms ever since.

Miles Guo has been a member of Donald Trump’s Ma-a-Lago Resort long before Trump was elected President in 2016. He was the first and only Chinese national who had the honor to join the membership and became a friend of the Trump family. Guo has his bet on Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has not failed us. He took on Communist China directly on 25 September 2018 during his speech at the UN General Assembly, accusing China of market distortions and other abuses.

“I have great respect and affection for my friend, President Xi, but I have made clear our trade imbalance is just not acceptable,” Trump said. “China’s market distortions and the way they deal cannot be tolerated.”

And this started his trade war with President Xi for two years. Although President Trump has somewhat been fooled around by President Xi who “promised” him a “great deal”, Trump has become increasingly toucher on China abuses.

Vice-President Mike Pence was the first to announce the shift in strategies towards China. In his policy speech at Hudson Institute on October 3, 2018, the Vice-president said, “In this strategy, President Trump made clear that the United States of America has adopted a new approach to China.”

Mike Pence is aware of the Communist threats to different sectors of the US society as he said, “The Chinese Communist Party is rewarding or coercing American businesses, movie studios, universities, think tanks, scholars, journalists, and local, state, and federal officials.”

Secretary of State Michael Pompeo became the most aggressive US politician to challenge the CCP dictatorship. Later many US politicians like John Bolton, Peter Navarro, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton, and even Nancy Pelosi joined the fight.

During this period, many westerners have also joined the battle when Miles Guo revealed more of the crimes of the CCP in human rights violations, especially the detention of over one million Muslims in Xinjiang’s re-education camps.

The Hong Kong democratic protests and the brutal crackdown by the CCP in the second half of 2019 showed to the world the nature of the CCP regime and have awakened up many.

With his intelligence built into the heart of the CCP leadership, Miles Guo and his G-media have been spreading the truth of the Hong Kong crisis and warning the world of more threats from the Communist dictatorship.

Then came the coronavirus. By the time I write this report on August 23, the death toll has exceeded 810 thousand with over 23 million people infected in the world.

Besides accusing the CCP of covering up the truth, Miles Guo and his team have helped many insiders out of China including virologist Dr. Yan Li-meng who fled from her Hong Kong P3 lab to the US. Dr. Yan later told the world that the CCP had created the virus and deliberately released it to the world.

In his latest remarks during a trip to Europe for the formation of a global alliance against Communist China, Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said to the world: “What’s happening now isn’t Cold War 2.0. The challenge of resisting the CCP threat is in some ways worse. The CCP is already enmeshed in our economies, in our politics, in our societies in ways the Soviet Union never was.”

“Today an even greater threat is the threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party and its campaigns of coercion and control,” Pompeo told his European friends. “The CCP lies, and makes those who tell the truth disappear.  The virulent pandemic that came from Wuhan spread so widely, and caused so much damage, because the CCP covered it up.”

Stage Three: Unrestricted War to take down Xi Jinping

In brotherhood with Miles Guo, Steve Bannon is beating the drum about the grave threat the CCP regime poses to the United States and the world, economically, technologically, and geopolitically.

Bannon has warned that the Communist “information and economic war” has been going on for 20 years, aiming “to render America a second-rate economic power.” He says China’s plan to supplant the United States is laid out in “Unrestricted Warfare,” a book penned by two Chinese Army colonels and first published in 1999. Miles Guo said Bannon carries the book with him wherever he goes.

Same as Miles, Bannon believes that the CCP presents “the greatest existential danger” ever to the U.S. “because we have never faced an opponent with the scale and ambitions of the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party” now headed by President Xi.

Yesterday I released a legal document from the US Justice Department laying down accusations against President Xi in meddling in the U.S. presidential election and interference in US internal affairs. Part of that is related to Xi’s instruction for the removal of Miles Guo from the US back to China.

The statement reads, “PRC National A was a dissident of the PRC, living in the United States on a temporary visa. The government of the PRC, including PRC Minister A and the President of the PRC, were seeking of the removal of PRC National A from the United States back to the PRC.”

According to the legal document, the CCP has paid out US$8 million to lobbyists for Guo’s extradition. They are going to pay another $75 million if the task is completed in 180 days or $50 million in 365 days.

For over three years, Miles Guo has also been fighting an unrestricted war against the CCP. When the CCP sent its ministers Liu Yanping and Sun Lijun in 2017 to Washington and New York to negotiate a deal with the US legal department and to seduce Guo back to China, Guo had started the unrestricted warfare in the legal sector.

Guo has repeatedly said, “We must eliminate the CCP by the rule of law”.

Now after three years, the CCP has “exchanged fire” with the U.S., also with Miles Guo, in a trade war, economic war, technology war, information or intelligence war, media war, and now finally back to legal war. Surely, military is also on the agenda.

In Mid February this year, Miles Guo made the announcement that he is going to change his “Seven Principles”, and everyone knows he is going to rewrite “Not Oppose President Xi.”

And now it’s time for the Pandarox Box to be opened.

Today, as floods have swamped large parts of southern and central China after the worst torrential rains in decades, whole villages are inundated, millions of people displaced, and at least 60 million people have been uprooted.

When the CCP continues with its lies to cover up the truth, especially after over 800 thousand COVID-19 deaths globally, there has been a call to hold the CCP and Xi Jinping accountable not just from the west, but within China.

The CCP is doomed as Xi Jiping has become the greatest enemy of the world.  A CCP Party school professor Cai Xia called him the “mafia boss”. and Michael Pompeo has called Xi “a true believer in a bankrupt totalitarian ideology.”

“Today China is increasingly authoritarian at home and more aggressive in its hostility to freedom everywhere else,” Pompeo said in a speech earlier this month at the Richard Nixon presidential library in Yorba Linda, California.

“If the free world doesn’t change Communist China, Communist China will change us,” Pompeo said.

Evidence has shown that Xi Jinping has worked to manipulate the US justice system and manage “US state affairs” in the “removal” of Miles Guo and the arrest of Steve Bannon.

The world is ready to bring Xi Jinping to justice. No doubt he will have the same fate as Saddam Hussein, Ceausescu or al-Gaddafi.

Everything has started!

By Cloudy Seagail


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