President Xi’s disgusting remarks on the country’s “sound” economic and social conditions


President Xi Jinping on Monday told senior officials to strengthen their ability in preventing and defusing major risks to ensure sustained and healthy economic development and social stability, according to Xinhua.

When I listen to the remarks in full of President Xi, I have found his speech to be one of the most shameless, groundless and disgusting in CCP’s 70 years of governance in China.

Addressing the opening ceremony of a study session at the Party School of the CPC Central Committee attended by senior provincial and ministerial officials, President analyzed and raised specific requirements on the prevention and defusion of major risks in areas including politics, ideology, economy, science and technology, society, the external environment and Party building. His remarks are mostly hypocritical, away from facts and anti-humanity.

Xi has put China’s political security of the CCP at the top of his agenda. For the survival of the CCP, he would sacrifice the lives and well-being of 1.4 Chinese population.

His first efforts are to seal the mouths of the people, ridiculously, by strengthening the influence of the mainstream tone in public communication and guidance on public opinion, and accelerating the establishment of a system for integrated internet management. Worse of all, he is going to fight a war with the ordinary Chinese in cyberspace.

President Xi said, “Priority should be given to strengthening the ideological and political education among the young, building up their full confidence in the path, theory, system, and culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics so as to nurture a generation of capable young people who are well-prepared to join the socialist cause.”

With these remarks, President Xi and the CCP have vile plans to poison China’s young and future generations with “an education” that most civilized people would think as “toxic”.

China’s economy is generally in good shape while facing profound and complicated international and domestic changes, Xi said. Anyone with logical understanding would not agree that China’s economy is “generally in good shape”.

While noting the new and worrisome developments and admitting the potential major economic risks, the President has made himself a liar before we want to speak out that word. Efforts should be made to balance stabilizing growth and guarding against risks, Xi stressed.

When Presidnet Xi said, “It is necessary to introduce a long-term mechanism to maintain the sound development of the real estate market in a steady manner,” we know the real estate market is in serious trouble, same as the financial markets.

When Xi called for concrete measures to make financing for medium-sized, small and micro firms easier and affordable, and to stabilize and support employment, we know the country’s private sector and employment are both in serious trouble.

Troublesome areas are not just these three as the President has told SEVEN. “Effective steps should be taken to stabilize employment, the financial market, foreign trade, foreign investment, domestic investment and expectations to keep economic growth within a reasonable range,” Xi said.

President Xi has his worries in security in the field of science and technology, as he has been hit hard and dizzy by sanctions of Donald Trump’s Administration and his western allies.

President Xi seems to be a master of all as he also concerns artificial intelligence, gene editing, medical diagnosis, autopilot, drones and service robots. I guess the president would work 24 hours daily without any need for sleep.

But his problems and worries do not end there. “To maintain social stability, more efforts should be made in areas including employment, education, social security, medicine and health care, food security, workplace safety, public security and the macro-regulation of the housing market, to continuously enhance people’s sense of fulfillment, happiness and security”, Xi said.

He called for strong and swift action in both protecting people’s rights and busting illegal and criminal activities. President Xi is telling lies again as his party is the biggest rights violator and law abuser.

“Battles against gang crimes must go on,” Xi said, asking for the innovation and improvement of the crime prevention and control system to keep a strong deterrence against criminal acts. President Xi shall flush with shame when he says these words as the CCP is the biggest organ for gang crimes.

Chinese would want to laugh when President Xi said “It is imperative to reinforce the protection of the country’s overseas interests and ensure the safety of major overseas projects, personnel and organizations.” The wording shall be “the traitors’ overseas interests and overseas projects”, and so on.

President Xi’s the Belt and Road Initiative has become the joke of a century but Xi still has to stress the need to safeguard sovereignty, security and development interests along the land and sea routes.

Hailing marked progress in exercising strict governance over the Party since the 18th CPC National Congress, Xi warned against the long-term and complex nature of the tests confronting the Party as they relate to long-term governance, reform and opening up, the market economy, and the external environment, according to official Xinhua News.

The Party must fully recognize the intensity and severity of the dangers of a lack of drive, incompetence, disengagement from the people, inaction, and corruption, the President said. With the understanding, Xi truly knows where his dangers are. Not just one danger, but many.

The whole Party must closely follow the Central Committee in terms of their thinking, political orientation and actions, Xi demanded. Stupid and arrogant! He demands our brains to think the same way as his. But his is the most stupid.

“We have secured a sweeping victory in the fight against corruption since the 18th CPC National Congress, but the fight has not been thoroughly won,” he said, noting that tough and prolonged steps must be taken in the anti-graft drive. Who is the next, and another next?

While the audience sitting down at the conference hall are mostly spiritless and making poses, President Xi stressed that preventing and resolving major risks is the political responsibility of Party committees, governments and leading officials at various levels.

I guess no participants would take his words seriously as they hear the President say “It entails an energetic and tenacious spirit of struggle to guard against and defuse major risks,” while urging them to “dare to take on responsibilities and struggle.”

The president has said the word “struggle” several times with “unshakable confidence”.

We all have unshakable confidence that this kind of disgusting clown performance will soon end in the beautiful land of the Middle Kingdom.

By Cloudy Seagail


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