President Xi Jinping takes the blame for the crimes of the CCP


In 2018, Chinese President Xi Jinping made changes to the Constitution so that he could stay at the top job for as long as he likes. Xi seems not to be contented with his presidency in China alone; he even wants to lead the world with his belt and road initiative and so-called common fate for all humanity.

3,000 representatives of the National People’s Congress only had limited time to review the amendment as the result of secret discussions black boxed within the CCP’s Central Committee. Many people thus viewed the move as a political coup plotted in secrecy and mystery. More and more people have come to understand why the veteran leaders of the CCP dictatorship has given tacit consent to the constitutional change as they fear their being punished once the CCP regime is eliminated.

Much anxiety has been stirred up within the bureaucracy with the economic slowdown, effects by the US-China trade war, resentment of the people with the vaccine scandals, and criticism of human rights abuse in Xinjiang re-education camps. Chinese nationals as well as CCP officials at all levels are very much confused as to where the country should go, and worried about their own lives and safety of personal wealth.

Especially in the second half of last year, circles from Chinese intellectuals, including noted professors from Peking and Tsinghua universities, have expressed their criticisms and contempt of how the Beijing government deals with social crisis and the relation with the US. President Xi’s supremacy has been widely challenged across the country, which adds up to more tense atmosphere amid the winter smog of Beijing.

China’s state-run media have always tried to send out strong messages of self-confidence and determination to fight any war until the end of a complete victory. But more of the time the responses have been so negative that the CCP government has to warn them of avoiding the word of “war”. The CCP government no longer has confidence that the younger generations of Chinese would want to eat grass again and make sacrifices for their motherland as their fore-fathers have done in the past.

Some advisors have offered President Xi serious suggestions to counter his challenges ahead. They have asked the CCP to give up the idea of building state-owned enterprises into even stronger entities and give the private companies a fairer play field; they have asked Xi to give up the cult of personality and return to collective leadership; they have asked the CCP to give up the idea of setting up CCP unit in private and foreign-invested enterprises; they have asked the CCP to give up the internet censorship; they have asked the CCP to have limited judicial independence and have reconciliation with democracy. They have advised President Xi not to become a criminal in history by sacrificing the well-being of the whole nation for the selfish interests of the communist party.

For 70 years, the CCP has committed countless crimes to humanity and brought about numerous disasters to Chinese people and society. President Xi is not to blame for most of the violations. All the above seem to be practical solutions to some of Xi’s headaches and problems, but they also mean the doom of communist rule in China. Few people would expect a person stupid as President Xi would take the advice and avoid the condemnation by history.

In the west, there are completely two different views about the future of China: rise of China power and collapse of a kingdom. Just two years ago, few people would question that China will return to the center of world stage and the 21 century would belong to China. Two years later, the idea of decline of the middle kingdom has returned to the predictions of many notable think-tanks in world politics, as tyranny or autocracy can never go long in any society. The challenges of the west are not about how to deal with a rising China, but a rising democracy among chaos after the collapse of the dictatorship.

President Xi truly looks ugly as he represents the totalitarian regime of the CCP. He has been showing off his easygoing personality these days during the traditional Spring Festival by paying visits to downtown residents in Beijing, but his sincerity has been looked down upon by many. He might have the heart to do something good for the nation, but he himself being highly corrupt has shouldered too much debt of hatred as historical burdens. As General Secretary of the CCP Central Committee, Xi has no choice but continue to tell lies and govern the country with lies. If President Xi does not stop his evil doings in 2019 and usher into a road of justice and righteousness, he must end in disasters as the CCP is to be abandoned by the Chinese people. But that possibility is very slim.

In a month or two, President Xi is said to meet with the Pope of Vatican in Europe; he might be meeting with Dalai Lama too if conditions appease. In the past seven years, the battle ground is worldly with his anti-corruption campaign in China, his trade and military confrontation with the civilized west and Indo-Pacific nations. This year, his battleground will be in Heavens with the God and his disciples on earth. He will face the justice by God and the heavens.

The trade war with Donald Trump will not be a big deal as the Chinese could live with any hardship; the issue of North Korea will not be a big deal although Kim Jong-un is not a stupid young man to be fooled around; the scandal with Malaysia will not be a big deal as Jho Low is not his illegitimate son; the democratic movement in Venezuela will not be a big deal as Russia confronts the US in the first place. What is really important with President Xi is life and death of himself and his family members. He fears that his stupid officials in Sha’anxi Province built a huge mausoleum for his father; and this mausoleum will soon be unearthed by the Chinese people.

Many people have warned of a revolution in China as violations and abuses continue, and democratic dictatorship would strip its fake mask that is not fit for a land in love of liberty and expression of great thinking. The Great Firewall must be taken down and no more Chinese shall be made “disappeared” only for speaking out.

Prophecy in the west has predicted that in 2019 a great event will happen in China with the downfall of the Red Demons and rise of a “Sage for universal identity of harmony”.

We don’t know if President Xi could survive the elimination of the CCP and realization of “common fate for all humanity” as they are sure to come.

Everything is just beginning.

By Cloudy Seagail


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