President Xi is the “best friend” of our Expose Revolution, says Guo Wengui


Strictly speaking, President Xi is our best friend-in-arms.

Please take a look: since 2006 when he became a standing member of the CCP’s Central Committee, he contributed to the success of the Beijing Olympic Games.

Then at the 18th Congress, he took down Ling Jihua, Secretary of the Central Secretariat, took down the Chinese Communist Youth League.

Then he started an anti-corruption campaign and put one million CCP members into prison, and created the greatest hatred among the CCP members.

Then he had his ambitious 2025, 2035, 2049 plans globally and let the world be submissive. He internationalized the currency RMB in a bid to take down the US dollar.

He supported Huawei to steal technology globally, and make the US and the world frightened.

Then he built the tallest Great Firewall and made all Chinese people dumb and deaf. Thus he has created resentment and opposition in the country.

Worse, he crashed Hong Kong’s protesters and threatened Taiwan with a war.

He manipulated the Shanghai Stock Exchange, to cripple the national economy.

He made Wang Qishan the life-time Vice-president, while he himself became the leader for life, making himself an emperor.

He did all the evils that Stalin, Hitler and Mao Zedong had done.

More than that, he built military bases in the Middle East, hoping to extend his military presence to the rest of the world.

He extended China’s first island chain to 5,000 or 8,000 kilometers to 15,000 kilometers. He wants to extend the war front to the US shores, and hopes to see Chinese submarines make their appearance at Manhattan waters.

He was ambitious in his space program and block-chain program. He put great efforts to develop new satellites, Beidou Navigation Satellite System.

Then he centralized everything into the Party. He nationalized all the private enterprises, took all their assets and made them under the control of a few families of the CCP leaders.

Then he made the best use of these gangsters like Wang Qishan, Fu Zhenghua, Sun Lijun, and Wu Zheng. He let these bastards to punish the good and decent Chinese people. Thus he has helped create great hatred among the Party and among the people.

He either put the private entrepreneurs to prison or killed them, and took all their wealth.

Who in the world has the guts to do such “great things”? Only President Xi Jinping.

Then he directly challenged the United States, challenged the White House and President Trump.

He claimed the US presidential elections are not America’s internal affairs or the fights between two parties; they are the fights between the US and China. He was trying to show his muscle.

Then he defamed Steve Bannon, Michael Pompeo, and made Steve Bannon the Number One Hero in the US. And he continued to defame President Trump, Tom Cotton, Peter Navarro, and almost everyone in the US government.

He sent undercover agents and spies to the US, to set up parties and raise the red flag there.

He was willfully detaining people, like protesters in Hong Kong. He created many deaths there, bodies floating on Hong Kong waters without any suspicion but suicide.

He has his latest order to end the Hong Kong democratic movement by May 10.

What do all these mean? Warrior friends. Look at our President Xi Jinping: how powerful he is! He is such a capable person.

Listen! Our warrior friends in Hong Kong. President Xi has just issued an order to make May 10 the last day of Hong Kong’s democratic movement! You must be careful and take good care of yourselves when you go on to protest in the streets.

Liberate Hong Kong, the Revolution of Our Time! Thank you very much, my dear Hong Kong friends!

Look! President Xi is our greatest Warrior Friend. How can we act against President Xi? He is helping us to get rid of the CCP!

Now you can see he has arrested Sun Lijun (Vice Minister of Public Security Ministry), Fu Zhenghua (Minister of Justice Ministry), Meng Jianzhu (Former secretary of Political and Justice Commission), and many others. He is now thinking that Wang Yi (Minister of Foreign Ministry) is not a good person either. He must also put him to prison soon.

Therefore warrior friends, who are helping us now? It is not the Americans who will take down the CCP, but the CCP members themselves fighting each other to take down the CCP.

They blamed the US military for releasing the coronavirus; later they blamed Europe. Now they have brought the US economy into a depression and caused many deaths in America.

Who can help us to end this crisis? No one but Xi Jinping!

Ha! Ha!Ha!

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff


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