President Xi has put himself on fire: unrepentant and stubbornly resisting


China’s armed forces must strengthen their sense of urgency and do everything they can to prepare for battle, President Xi Jinping told a meeting of top brass on Friday, according to Xinhua.

Xi’s comments came just days after a Chinese warship was spotted carrying a railgun, which uses a high-powered electric circuit to shoot a projectile along magnetic rails, firing at hypersonic speeds five times the speed of sound.

The official Xinhua news agency reported that President Xi told a meeting of the top military authority that China faced increasing risks and challenges and that armed forces must work to secure its security and development needs.

Ahead of the meeting, President Xi has signed a mobilization order for the training of the armed forces, the the Central Military Commission (CMC)’s first order in 2019.

Last week at the anniversary President Xi has threatened to wage war against Taiwan if President Tsai Ing-wen’s Democratic Progressive Party dares to declare independence.

Not only in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, but in mainland China and across the world, President has created too many enemies for himself with his “idea of common fate for all humanity”.

As Chairman of the CMC, President Xi has no confidence whether his armed forces would turn their guns back and shoot at him and other CCP officials. As head of the CCP, President Xi is so stupid as to have placed himself on a barbecue grill.

According to a public survey last week by Chinese overseas volunteers work group for Magnitsky Act, Xi Jinping heads the list of China’s Top Ten Evil Individuals in 2018, followed by Chen Quanguo, CCP head for Xinjiang Autonomous region who has ordered the detention of over one million Muslims into re-education camps.

Recently Peking University Professor Zheng Yefu published an article calling for the “retreat of Chinese Communist Party from historical stage” but the article was soon deleted from social media.

In addition to domestic resentment amid economic slowdown, the escalation of trade war and pressure from the west front after the Huawei arrest and retaliation of detaining Canadian citizens, particularly with Miles Kwok’s non-stop revelation of CCP corruption and scandals, President Xi has been put on fire for months.

Although President Xi has been warned over and over to “repent and be saved”, he was stubborn to assure recently that “The past 40 years eloquently prove that the path, theory, system and the culture of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics … are completely correct, and that CPC theory line and policy that have since taken shape are completely correct.”

“We will resolutely reform what should and can be reformed, and make no change where there should and cannot be any reform.”President Xi looked extremely awkward and embarrassed when he said these words on stage.

The president knows fully well that he himself was once again telling lies as he could not speak his minds and the world was watching. To lead the CCP, President Xi now seems to feel the panic to have jumped onto a tiger’s back.

Not long ago, Miles Kwok has challenged the CCP and Xi’s leadership, claiming “CCP is doomed by 2020. If we could not take down CCP by 2020, I must jump off my balcony at this 18th floor”. That means the Qincheng Prison already has its doors open for those top CCP leaders, and President Xi must feel his feet weak and trembling with these foresighted words.

On Wednesday (Jan 2), Acting US Defence Secretary Patrick Shanahan told civilian leaders of the US military to focus on “China, China, China,” even as America fights militants in Syria and Afghanistan, a US defence official said.

The US official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, did not elaborate on Shanahan’s views on China or what other guidance he gave during the meeting.

Other officials have described Shanahan as an advocate of the Pentagon’s toughening stance towards Beijing, according to Straits Times.

The 2018 National Defence Strategy branded China as a strategic competitor.

The Pentagon has said he played a critical role in developing the strategy, which singled out China and Russia as top threats, saying they wanted to “shape a world consistent with their authoritarian model.”

The document said: “Long-term strategic competitions with China and Russia are the principal priorities for the Department, and require both increased and sustained investment.”

The defence official said Shanahan told Pentagon leadership to follow the document’s guidance, particularly regarding China.

“While we’re focused on ongoing operations, acting Secretary Shanahan told the team to remember China, China, China,” the official said.

The US 2018 National Defence Strategy states, “China is a strategic competitor using predatory economics to intimidate its neighbors while militarizing features in the South China Sea.”

“China is leveraging military modernization, influence operations, and predatory economics to coerce neighboring countries to reorder the Indo-Pacific region to their advantage. As China continues its economic and military ascendance, asserting power through an all-of-nation long-term strategy, it will continue to pursue a military modernization program that seeks Indo-Pacific regional hegemony in the near-term and displacement of the United States to achieve global preeminence in the future. The most far-reaching objective of this defense strategy is to set the military relationship between our two countries on a path of transparency and non-aggression.”

“We will strengthen and evolve our alliances and partnerships into an extended network capable of deterring or decisively acting to meet the shared challenges of our time.”

Miles Kwok has said that the CCP is going to have a new round of propaganda campaigns in the coming months, and Lude Talks says CCP has mobilized another 6,000 armed forces for cyberattacks in western countries.

With the Trump Administration and its western allies fully ready for any soft power interference, the US government has stressed not only to gain competitive military advantages, its Joint Force must gain and maintain information superiority. The defense strategy has stated, “Today, every domain is contested—air, land, sea, space, and cyberspace,” and “We have shared responsibilities for resisting authoritarian trends, contesting radical ideologies, and serving as bulwarks against instability.”

The civilized world never wants a war, but it is already ready to fight a war against any evils.

Everything is just beginning.

By Cloudy Seagail


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