President Xi calls for efforts to create favorable legal environment, which is fishing up in the tree


President Xi Jinping on Monday called for efforts to create a favorable legal environment for China’s reform, development and stability, according to state media Xinhua.

Amid widespread questioning and criticism of the Supreme People’s Court in its scandals related to the Sha’anxi coal mine case, the president and general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) made the statement when presiding over and addressing the second meeting of the Commission for Overall Law-based Governance of the CPC Central Committee.

President Xi pointed out at the meeting, “Our experience in 40 years’ of reform and opening up tells that the nation’s reform, development and stability need the rule of law, and deepening reform and opening up need the rule of law more”.

We don’t know why president Xi has been so stupid to break the law himself over and over while at the same time stressing its importance. Communist ideology nurtures mentally-disordered persons or “double-faced” officials. Xi Jinping is no exception.

According to a vision laid out at the 19th CPC National Congress, rule of law for the country, government and society will basically be in place in China by 2035. These mentally ill CCP officials admit that rule of law is not yet “in place” in China; it will take another 15 years for that to happen.

The meeting called for solid efforts to advance the rule of law and let it play its role as the guarantee for consolidating foundations, stabilizing expectations and bringing long-term benefits. Anyone with normal reasoning will never understand what that means by “consolidating foundations and stabilizing expectations” in respect of the rule of law.

Chinese people do need the rule of law, but not the so-called rule of law by the CCP with “no constitutional democracy, no separation of power, and no judicial independence.”

Yesterday’s meeting emphasized the need to improve the Chinese socialist system of laws, at the heart of which is the Constitution, and work to put in place a sound system of intra-Party rules and regulations.

With CCP’s logic of legalism, the Chinese socialist system is made up of evil laws that deny or violate the basic human rights such as freedom of speech, religious freedom, and right for private ownership. China’s present Constitution is but a joke, a lie and a disgrace.

The meeting stressed efforts to maintain and promote sustained and sound economic growth with the high-quality development of legislation. Unified fundamental laws regarding foreign capital must be formulated, early arrangements must be made for the legal authorization for areas designated as reform and opening-up pilot zones, and a comprehensive and coordinated approach must be adopted in making laws regarding intellectual property right protection, bio-safety, land system reform and ecological civilization.

The number of laws in China is countless, like the hairs on an ox. Besides laws, there are regulations and policies publicized every day. They are established and demolished easily by the will of the CCP leaders at different levels. The laws and regulations are only for ordinary citizens to follow; top CCP officials never play by the rules, or they never want to be restricted by the rules.

At the meeting, President Xi pointed out that building a government based on the rule of law was a major task, which would lead the building of a country and a society based on the rule of law.

He said an urgent need for law-based governance, according to the meeting, is to ensure procedure-based decision-making regarding major administrative issues.

While the president stresses the need for administration and governance with the rule of law, China is basically a country ruled by power of individuals, not by law.

The rule of law is the most favorable environment for business, the meeting stressed, calling for equal protection of the property rights and legitimate interests of all market entities, and efforts to train more legal professionals and develop more services for foreign-related legal affairs, in order to maintain and support the country’s high-level opening-up.

With the televised confession of the judge from the Supreme Court and more scandals within the Central Political and Legal Commission, the whole nation has lost their confidence in the CCP when it dares to say “equal protection of rights” or “protection of private businesses”.

As the CCP and its legislative body are to convene their annual national conferences in a week or so, the focus of public attention could be on these scandals rather than the grand gathering when the CCP leadership is to announce once again the great achievements in their rule of law since Xi Jinping’s presidency.

Under CPC governance, the pursuit for rule of law will only be fishing up a tree. It will never be a reality.

Here readers may have noticed that as the name CCP (Chinese Communist Party) has become disgusting as feces, the communist government now tends to use another name CPC (Communist Party of China) in all of its official documents.

The name changed, but the bad smell remains.

By Cloudy Seagail


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