President Trump is leading the fight to eliminate the Chinese Communist Party


Who is the greatest contributor to the Expose Revolution besides Guo Wengui? It is no doubt that this great man is President Donald Trump.

As President of the United States, Donald Trump has the great administrative power to push the Expose Revolution ahead. In case President Trump was the negative force, he has millions of ways to make Guo Wengui shut up his mouth. He could also extradite Guo to Communist China.

If you have watched the movie House of Cards, you can understand that it is a simple thing for an American President to stop anyone to act against the CCP.

Without President Trump’s firm support, Guo Wengui won’t survive in the United States even if he had one hundred lives. This is reality.

Therefore, I am telling that President Trump is the greatest pusher behind the game.

As a master of the highest wisdom, Trump has not demonstrated to the world that he did the job which was his greatest achievement.

We have seen former White House Strategist Mr. Steve Bannon busying with his travels across the world to promote the mission to eliminate the CCP. Whom does Mr. Bannon represent? Of course, President Trump.

And Secretary of State Michael Pompeo is also busy everyday recently in Europe and the Middle East, talking about anti-CCP. Who is he working for? The same, President Trump.

In the mean time, the Democratic Party headed by Nancy Pelosi actively took part in the game. And Congress has been deeply involved in promoting the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act.

Please consider this. If President Trump has been very active in pushing the bill, do you think the Congress and Democratic Party would be so much enthusiastic in putting their hands? Nancy Pelosi might have been reluctant to push the case forward although she is a firm anti-CCP fighter.

The political fight within the Congress is open and not as deadly as the struggles of the CCP leadership, but the disagreements are always there.

With the Hong Kong bill passing the Congress and the Senate, it actually has become law from yesterday. Even though President Trump is not going to sign his name into the bill soon, the bill already has the legal binding force. Trump’s signatory gives rise to administrative enforcement of the bill. Unless President Trump raised his opposition, the bill is already taking effects.

Now put on the table in front of President Trump, he has two powerful weapons to fight the CCP regime: the Hong Kong bill and the trade war.

The result is: the CCP disintegrates itself or is eliminated by US actions. Either way, the CCP has come to its doom.

Let’s wait and see.

By Luthur Wang
Translation by staff


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