President Trump has made it clear that old alliances don’t matter so much anymore


Today the Associated Press carries an article by Rob Gillies and Paul Wiseman entitled “Canada is caught between China and U.S., and feeling alone”. This is a very interesting article and I want to leave my comments on it.

AP: First U.S. President Donald Trump attacked Canada on trade. Then Saudi Arabia punished it for speaking up for human rights. Now China has the country in its cross-hairs, detaining two Canadians in apparent retaliation for the arrest of a top Chinese tech executive on behalf of the United States. 

Canada is caught between two super powers and taking the punishment — and its ally to the south has been conspicuously absent in coming to its aid.

Followcn: Justin Trudeau is a well-educated young man. He speaks fluent French besides English. He is handsome, attractive and comes from a noble family. His father has maintained a friendship with the Chinese government.

But Justin Trudeau is also under-experienced, naive and taking things for granted, especially when it comes to dealing with communist China.

He has been working to maintain a good relation with China and even wants a free trade deal with the communist regime. To promote trade might be beneficial to the Canadian economy, but they would come with a price.

Justin lacks a clear mind and deep understanding of the nature of communism as he never understands the pain and sufferings that the vile communist regime has caused to its people.

Donald Trump attacks Canada on trade because Justin and his predecessors have truly overdrawn the trust and kindness of its bigger brother with unfair trade practices; and Trump is not happy about that.

“Canada is one of the few countries in the world unabashedly speaking out in defense of human rights and the international rule of law,” writers of this article say. I do not agree. For at least 20 years, Canada has given up its stance on human rights when it comes to dealing with violations in China.

All other western allies – Australia, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, France -have all bowed to communist China, giving up and long forgetting their responsibilities to human rights. The U.S. has been left alone, not Canada or other nations.

Now Canada is paying the price. It has raised a poisonous snake; this snake has given it a bite.

AP: The two Canadians, Michael Kovrig, a former diplomat in China, and Michael Spavor, an entrepreneur who lived in northeastern China near the North Korean border, were taken into custody Monday on suspicion of “engaging in activities that endanger the national security” of China, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang said. Canadian consular officials have had no access to them.

“We’ve never been this alone,” historian Robert Bothwell said. “We don’t have any serious allies. And I think that’s another factor in what the Chinese are doing. … Our means of retaliation are very few. China is a hostile power.”

Followcn: Robert Bothwell is right to say that “We don’t have any serious allies”. Why? When these governments and their leaders only have an eye on economic gains, how can they care about the brotherhood?

Australia has been an appeaser to communist China; Scott Morrison says “Australia is not taking sides”. When you are not standing by the side of justice, you must be close to the evil. You can’t just stand in empty sky and be totally void. For over thirty years, Australia has been busy selling its most valuable assets to communist China. The governments come and go, come and go, like children’s game, have long forgotten the fundamental interests of the hard working Australian citizens.

UK and Germany are more or less the same, taking economic benefits more important than safeguarding traditional values of western civilizations.

France is even worse. It has been a captive of communist China. The French government has helped the vile CCP do lots of evil, not just to Chinese, but to its own citizens.

AP: The Canadian prime minister has said little since news of this week’s arrests became public. Opposition Conservative leader Andrew Scheer said Trudeau isn’t being forceful enough with the Chinese.

“This situation demonstrates that Justin Trudeau’s naive approach to relations with China isn’t working,” Scheer said.

Followcn: I agree with Scheer that Justin’s naive approaching with China isn’t working. When he makes a bottle of bitter wine, he has to drink it himself.

When Justin is weak, Canada is weak. When Donald Trump is strong, the United States is strong. That’s the simple reason.

Finally the Canadians feel the pain with CCP’s diplomatic arrogance and its Foreign Ministry being good at nothing but telling “White is black; black is white”.

How to become strong and wise? You have to stand firm by the side of justice. The force of justice makes people wise and strong.

AP: Trump said this week that he might intervene in the Huawei case if it would help clinch a trade agreement with China, upending U.S. efforts to separate the court proceeding from U.S.-China trade talks and contradicting Canadian officials who said the arrest was not political.

Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland took a swipe at Trump, saying it was “quite obvious” any foreign country requesting extradition should ensure “the process is not politicized.”

“Normally, Canada can count on the United States to back them up on such an issue,” said Laura Dawson, a former economic adviser at the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa and director of the Canada Institute at the Wilson Center think tank in Washington. Dawson said it’s unusual for Washington to “leave Canada hanging high and dry.”

“President Trump has made it clear that old alliances don’t matter so much anymore,” she said. “He has made no secret of his preference for a go-it-alone approach and his lack of regard for traditional alliances.”

Followcn: When you have a weak and naive Prime Minister, you also have a weak and naive Foreign Minister.

Chrystia Freeland is just too naive as a three-year old girl. When the vile CCP regime is taking everything seriously political, she wants to ensure “the process is not politicized”.

I don’t say Chrystia is not an experienced politician; she is not worthy of a politician of any kind.

Because these western allies have no minds, Donald Trump has to make it clear that “old alliances don’t matter so much anymore”.

Donald Trump does not wan to “go-it-alone”. He also needs brothers to support him and then he will support back. Because these old brothers are all “dump, dump, dump”, Donald Trump has no other choices but to fight all by himself.

It is truly unusual for Washington to “leave Canada hanging high and dry.” In the coming year, we will also see Washington leave Australia, the UK and Germany “hanging high and dry” too.

France was the forerunner of freedom and democracy and the French people have been both romantic and thoughtful of individual dignity. But in the case of the death of former HNA chairman, ordinary French people are frightened to death under CCP’s threats; they have lost their spirit of freedom and individual dignity. That is a total disgrace for the once Great France!

AP: David Mulroney, a former Canadian ambassador to China, said not only the U.S. but other Western nations should be standing up for Canada.

“It would be nice if publicly and also behind the scenes if countries like the United States, the U.K., Australia and France would put in a word on our behalf and let the Chinese know how damaging this is to their reputation and to the notion that China is a safe place to work and pursue a career,” Mulroney said.

“I think a lot of foreigners in China are looking over their shoulder right now,” he added.

Followcn: Do good things, good things follow; do bad things, bad things follows. Simple as that!

Either you are with good, or you are with evil. When you don’t take sides, no one will stand up for you! And even your best friends would betray you.

Friends! Let’s take sides. Let’s always stand by the side of justice and righteousness and say NO to evil.

By Cloudy Seagail and Staff writer


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