President Trump and Prime Minister Trudeau stand on the same front against Communist China


Winfield House
London, United Kingdom
3:33 P.M. GMT

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Again, congratulations. We’re going to be talking about a number of subjects, including additional trade to that, and the military and the military presence. And it’s great being at NATO. We had some real success, I think, and some very successful talks having to do with NATO.

As you know, a lot of the countries have stepped up and they’re putting in at least 130 [billion] — probably the exact number is $131 billion — more. And that’s great. And they have commitments for $400 billion. So it really has become a force.

And as we’ve discussed in the past, there’s going to be great flexibility shown now with NATO. We can go to other parts of the world, not just one focus; it’s a lot of focuses. And we need a lot of focuses. We need a lot of focus.

We’ll be looking at other forms of terror. We’ll be looking at other countries. We’ll be looking at countries that are aggressive, and not just one particular part of this world.

PRIME MINISTER TRUDEAU: We know that we’re here for NATO — the 70th anniversary, extremely important. The American strength in ensuring that people are stepping up, in terms of their military investments, is certainly something we’ve recognized in Canada.

We’re increasing our defense investments by 70 percent over these 10 years because we know that making sure that everyone is there to step up and deliver is really important.
We have an enhanced forward battle group in Latvia. We’re leading the command mission in Baghdad. Canadians are a strong part of this Alliance, and we’ll continue to be.

But this is just a great opportunity for me to sit down with the President and talk about the many issues in which we align and we work together.

Q Do you plan to discuss Huawei?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: We’ll discuss that. Yes, we’ll discuss that. We’ll be discussing that, yes.

Q What’s your message to the Prime Minister about Huawei and using it in the next generation of cell phone networks in Canada?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, we find a security problem with it. And, you know — and Canada is going to make a decision at some point. But we find — I just speak for the United States, and we have ability to do a lot of things. We’ve actually advanced very far on 5G — much further than anyone really knows. Ajit Pai has headed it up, and he’s very good. And we have a lot of — a lot of action going on, with respect to 5G.

We’re not using Huawei. And we’re — we’re really — some of the — some of our great companies are getting much involved with 5G right now.

But, no, we find a tremendous security problem with respect to Huawei.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: And with trade, I have all the cards. We’ve built a — we have built something in the last three years that’s been incredible. You’ve seen it. We’re up $21 trillion, and China is down about $32 trillion.

And as you know, for years, I’ve been hearing that it was “2019.” “In 2019, China’s going to become the largest economy.” Well, that didn’t happen. We’re much larger than China now, because we’ve gone up and they’ve gone down. And they’ve had their worst year in 56 or 57 years now. By far, they’ve had the worst year that they’ve had, that they know of. And — and we don’t want that, frankly. But what they were doing was wrong. And I think they’re going to stop it. And they want to — and they want to make a deal very badly.

Q Mr. President, just regarding China. When you met the Prime Minister in June, you talked about being — or trying to help with the two prisoners that are Canadians, that are in China.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, I have. And I think we’ve made progress. And I had mentioned that to President Xi, as you know, because it was a big subject at the time. And I just hope they’re be treated well. But I put in a very, very strong word for those two prisoners.

PRIME MINISTER TRUDEAU: There’s still more to do.

Q Mr. President, the Dow is down more than 400 points right now, in part over the comments you made earlier in this room about the China trade deal extending past 2020.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: That’s okay. Well, it’s up — let me tell you, we took it up — it was about at 16,000 or 15,000, and now it’s almost at 30,000. It’s going to be at 30,000.
No, I have to tell you, if it’s not going to be a good deal, I’m not signing a deal. It’s peanuts compared to what — we have picked up record numbers in our stock markets. So, that’s okay. I mean, that’s the way I feel. I have to make the right deal. I’m not going to make a deal that’s not going to be great for our country. And it can’t be an even deal. If it’s an even deal, it’s no good, because China — other Presidents and leaders of our country have really let us down because they let China get away with — get away with something that should have never been allowed to happen. Billions and billions of dollars a year were lost in dealing with China, by — by foolish people, or by people that didn’t care or by people that didn’t know how.

We rebuilt China. And I give China great credit. And I don’t even blame China because our people should have done what they did. But what they’ve done is — we’ve lost $150 billion, then $200 billion, then $400 billion to China. They rebuilt China with the money that they took out of the United States. And that’s where they were and that’s where it is. And now we’re taking in billions of dollars in tariffs. And, by the way, they’re eating it. You know, remember, you used to tell me how it will cost us — they’re eating that money because they don’t want to lose their supply chains. And I don’t want them to lose their supply chains, but if it happens, it happens.

And that’s where it is. They want to make a deal, but I like the deal that we have, and the deal that we have could get even better. And I could do it all by myself. So we’ll see what happens. We’re at a critical stage.

They’ve called us today and they’ve called us yesterday. We’re having ongoing discussions. And we’ll see what happens.

But if the stock market goes up or down — I don’t watch the stock market. I watch jobs. Jobs are what I watch. I watch making the proper deal.

We’ve been taken advantage of, the United States, by China for so many years at numbers that if you were doing this, you wouldn’t have believed it. I came in, I looked at numbers for — I mean, ever since the founding of the China’s entrance into the World Trade Organization, the WTO, the numbers are astronomical that we’ve given to China, because of Presidents that didn’t know, didn’t care, or weren’t smart. So that’s over.

Abstracted from the Remarks by President Trump and Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada Before Bilateral Meeting | London, United Kingdom
Edited by staff

Source: The White House
Washington D.C.


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