Political and economic impact of Pence’s speech, by Guo Wengui


Now there are three questions that you should have to look at.

First the upcoming 4th Plenary Session of the CCP’s Central Committee in Beijing and the internal political struggle, the abduction of the Chinese economy under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party.

For the first time, the President of the United States said China’s economy growth is negative. Please think: if the Chinese President said that the US economy is negative, what price he needs to pay for those words? What a big point there he dares to raise the issue of China’s negative figures!

And then Bank of China, from the day before yesterday, up to 70 branches are going for liquidation and bankcruptcy. More than 300 noted real estate companies and over 10 thousand smaller companies in real estate business have also gone bankcrupt.

The CCP government is creating a huge bubble in its economy. It has blown up the ideals, future of the Chinese people as well as their normal thinking about money and the society.

The political fight within the CCP leadership is fatal. The US government is more informed about the internal affairs of the CCP than the CCP leaders themselves. Intelligence about the CCP leadership has been the US ‘s top priority.

Vice President Pence’s speech today has been based on accurate information about the CCP government and its leadership. It tells that the CCP is carrying a cancer and is going to die.

Second, you must see what has just happened in Europe and in Japan. Wang Qishan was talking about terms with the Japanese government face to face in some kinds of confrontation. Did you see any courtesy given to Wang Qishan By Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the Japanese government?

The third question is more significant. As far as I know, I tell everybody that it will happen. Next there will be more sanctions against CCP’s state-owned enterprises and individuals involved in the persecution of Xinjiang and Tibet people, including their crimes in human rights violation against all Chinese. That include companies listed in the US stock markets and received investments from US funds.

They are not just required to submit information of their violations. They will face more serious consequences: that is a decoupling.

And finally the focus is with Hong Kong. Vice President Pence has made it clear that the US stands with the people of Hong Kong and Taiwan. His words are a great comfort and encouragement to the Hong Kong protesters.

By Guo Wengui
Edited and translated by staff


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