Breaking! PLA troops has just entered Hong Kong at the excuse of routine rotation

PLA troops and armored trucks enter Hong Kong on early morning of August 29, 2019.

HONG KONG, Aug. 29 (Xinhua) — The Hong Kong Garrison of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army conducted the 22nd rotation of its members in the wee hours of Thursday since it began garrisoning Hong Kong in 1997.

Approved by the Central Military Commission, the move is normal routine annual rotation in line with the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Garrisoning the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, which stipulates that “the Hong Kong Garrison shall practice a system of rotation of its members.”

Editorial Note:

Please remember: the Chinese Communist Party shall never be trusted. The CCP would do anything to “legalize” its crackdown on Hong Kong. Whatever excuses they have, they have come to kill!

Support the courageous Hong Kongers! Save Hong Kong!

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PLA troops and armored trucks entering Hong Kong on early morning of August 29 local time.




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