Peter Thiel says FBI, CIA should probe Google’s ‘seemingly treasonous’ ties to China


Billionaire Peter Thiel, a Facebook Inc. board member and President Donald Trump’s most vocal backer in Silicon Valley, called Sunday night for the FBI and CIA to investigate Google’s “seemingly treasonous” ties with China.

亿万富翁彼得·泰尔(Peter Thiel)是脸书(Facebook)董事会成员,也是唐纳德·川普总统在硅谷最直言不讳的支持者。周日晚上,他呼吁联邦调查局(FBI)中央情报局(CIA)调查谷歌(Google)与中国之间有“貌似叛国”的关系。

Speaking at the National Conservatism Conference in Washington, Thiel posed three unsubstantiated, provocative and leading questions that he said should be asked of Google, a unit of Alphabet Inc.

泰尔在华盛顿举行的全国保守主义会议(National Conservatism Conference)上发表讲话时,提出了三个未经证实、具有挑衅性和诱导性的问题,他说Alphabet公司旗下的谷歌应该做出回答。

“Number one, how many foreign intelligence agencies have infiltrated your Manhattan Project for AI?” he said, according to a report by Axios.


“Number two, does Google’s senior management consider itself to have been thoroughly infiltrated by Chinese intelligence?


“Number three, is it because they consider themselves to be so thoroughly infiltrated that they have engaged in the seemingly treasonous decision to work with the Chinese military and not with the U.S. military… because they are making the sort of bad, short-term rationalistic [decision] that if the technology doesn’t go out the front door, it gets stolen out the backdoor anyway?”

“第三,是不是因为他们认为自己被彻底渗透了,以至于做出了一个貌似叛国的决定 ——与中国军方合作,而不是与美国军方合作。因为他们正在制定一个糟糕透顶的、短期的理性决定,即,如果技术不走前门,那它就会被从后门偷走?”

Thiel said those questions need to be asked by the FBI and CIA, and “I would like them to be asked in a not excessively gentle manner.” Thiel offered no evidence that Google has been infiltrated by intelligence services from China or anywhere else.


Thiel was apparently referencing Google’s decision last year not to renew a project with the Defense Department, when it said it would not allow its artificial intelligence products to be used as military weapons. Also last year, Google reportedly shut down work to develop a censored search engine for government-approved use in China.


Google did not immediately respond Sunday night when asked to comment on Thiel’s questions.


By MikeMurphy | 由麦克·墨菲报道
Market Watch, 战友之声翻译


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