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Trump is a very confident and sometimes arrogant person. He likes to do things his own way, although this sometimes has not been for the best interest of America. He has repeatedly rejected Mr. Guo Wengui’s suggestions. Mr. Guo had warned him that the CCP was not sincere in their trade talks, and they were just delaying to fool him. He did not believe it. He repeatedly conducted rounds of trade negotiations with the CCP, finally, one of the greatest deals in history was made. After the agreement was signed, the Chinese Communist Party sent the virus to the entire world, overwhelming the United States. The fulfillment of the trade agreement predicted by Mr. Guo would ultimately be a ridiculous outcome. Trump should have initially listened.

Regarding the Hong Kong issue, Trump is too weak on the CCP. Although the Hong Kong Free Trade Zone has been abolished, the specific measures only sanctioned a few senior officials and did not impose substantive sanctions on the Hong Kong financial industry and currency system on which the CCP depends. Due to the leading role of the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Japan and other countries have also implemented policies of appeasement, causing the CCP in Hong Kong to unscrupulously violate international commitments, trample on laws, violate human rights, suppress public opinion, authorize arbitrary arrests and even rapes, gang rapes, crazy killings, and suppress protest activities. In order to keep the bloodline “alive,” the CCP utilized its relationship with Wall Street during these protests, and while America supported them with words, the action was missing. Protestors threw their lives on the line and ultimately paid with them, with no one coming to back them up. This painted the United States as an international embarrassment when it comes to morality.

In just one year, the United States was met with retribution. The CCP became more and more unscrupulous when it was instigated. Its use of infiltrated media control expanded to the United States, which triggered the riots in the United States this year and the control of public opinion during the general election. Trump’s own Twitter was blocked, and he tasted the bitter fruit of his own planting.

The most disappointing thing is Trump’s weakness toward the CCP on the virus issue. As early as October 4th, 2017, Mr. Guo resoundingly warned the U.S. that the CCP would use 3F tactics including bio-chemical warfare to show the world that darkness and turmoil are coming. On January 19th, 2020, just four days after the Sino-U.S. trade agreement was signed, Dr. Yan Limeng revealed the truth about the virus through LuDe on his podcast. At the end of April, Dr. Limeng Yan risked her life and fled to the United States with the help of the revolution. She explained the truth about the virus to relevant parties in the United States, which was recognized by the top biochemical weapons experts in the U.S. military. Since July, Dr. Yan has made public appearances in the media. Under the tremendous pressure of her mother’s arrest by the CCP, she published two historically significant reports that revealed the truth about the virus. However, Trump was overly-concerned about factors such as the stock market, real estate, and the U.S. economy. He did not use Dr. Yan’s report to hold the CCP accountable. As a result, the CCP virus raged around the world. So far, it has caused more than 50 million infections and 1.28 million deaths. In the United States, 10,000,000 have been infected and more than 250,000 died! The economic loss and loss of life in the United States is comparable to the effect of World War II in the United States! Neither the United States nor other country’s political leaders dare to hold the CCP accountable for the virus they made and released! If Trump holds the CCP accountable for the virus issue, if he places severe economic and financial sanctions, and even imposes military strikes, it will not only win the hearts of the people, but it may also force the CCP to disintegrate under high pressure. What is even more frightening is that at the critical moment of the U.S. election, three members of Trump’s family were infected with the CCP virus, and Trump himself was threatened with his life. Trump paid a heavy price for this, and the plan to destroy the Communist Party was forced to postpone.

Not only did the CCP virus ravage the U.S. and endanger the lives and health of the American people, the CCP, like the virus, also deeply interfered with the U.S. election, causing Trump’s public opinion to drop for a while. During the election, the CCP and the Democratic Party were flagrantly ignoring the votes of the American people threatening Trump’s rightful win. This fraudulence was allowed to go on for at least 20 hours before the Trump administration took charge of lawsuits.

President Trump does have some noteworthy deeds under his belt. First, he did not repatriate Mr. Guo Wengui. Elliott Broidy and other Republican leaders accepted a bribe from the CCP petitioning President Trump to repatriate Mr. Guo. Interpol (The International Criminal Police Organization), adhering to the CCP’s will, issued a red-letter to the world to arrest Mr. Guo; even the leader of the CCP, Xi Jinping, personally asked President Trump to repatriate Guo. However, President Trump did not repatriate Mr. Guo! It cannot be ruled out that Mr. Guo’s safety in the United States has been secretly protected by President Trump. If Mr. Guo is deported, all his comrades will give up, nothing will progress, and tomorrow may not be worth living for.

Second, President Trump does not blend in with the CCP. In American politics, starting with Bush Sr., through Clinton, Bush Jr., Obama, Obama-administration Vice President Biden, two-term Secretary of State Hillary and Kerry, and many senior politicians such as Kissinger, have integrated with the CCP.  The Biden family’s benefits from the CCP are truly astounding! Trump, who is a natural businessman, should be easy to bribe, according to the logic of the CCP. But President Trump is a person of belief and principle. The entire Trump family and the CCP have no similar dealings. This is very rare, considering the corruption of many officials in the United States today. In essence, Trump’s mind and justice are interlinked.

Third, at heart, President Trump wants to destroy the Communist Party. Listen to his speeches at the UN General Assembly and his speeches at various campaign rallies. The officials he is close with, such as Pompeo, Navarro, and Pottinger, are all part of staunch anti-Communist factions. His ardent allies Bannon and Giuliani are the backbone of the eradication of communism. In the past, Trump missed a great opportunity to destroy the CCP. In addition to his scruples about the stock market, housing market, and other factors, many U.S. officials confided with the CCP secretly, often misleading his decisions. They prove as a fetter to make Trump stumble. Wall Street and Silicon Valley, the economic centers of the United States, also oppose the CCP’s extermination because of their huge interests in the CCP, making his decisions lack the basis for execution. More importantly, the evil of the CCP exceeds anyone’s imagination. Trump and the American people lack the proper understanding of the CCP’s evil. They mistakenly regard the CCP as a normal political system, thinking that by forcing the CCP to sign an agreement and obey normal rules, we can contain the CCP and live in peace. This time the CCP created and released the CCP virus without a bottom line, causing the American people to suffer more lives and property losses than in World War II. We firmly believe that after President Trump is re-elected, destroying the Communist Party will be the top priority for President Trump and the American people.

The greatness of the United States lies in its strong ability to correct errors and hold to the rule of law. At every critical moment in history, there will always be a hero who turns things around in the United States, and the American people will vote for this hero. The United States is young, and youth means blood. Once the American people know the truth, they will desperately defend their faith, dignity, and way of life. Trump is a fighter, and he is the kind of fighter who increases in strength and bravery in the battle! Moreover, the CCP appears to be as strong as a tiger, but is really weak, with the brittleness and wavering character of paper. Therefore, we must unswervingly continue to share the news to let more American people and people from all walks of life know the truth about the CCP virus and the evil and harm of the CCP. We must firmly support President Trump!

By Brain Sanitizer


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