Performances of the CCP leadership are acts of treason and have nothing to do with the Chinese people


Xinhua news reports that Chinese President Xi Jinping’s speech at the opening of the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations on Wednesday has been echoed by many as his vision inspires hope for a brighter future for Asia and humanity.

At the grand gathering, President Xi said that “the intensifying global challenges humanity are facing now require concerted efforts from countries across the world,” highlighting the role of culture and civilization to cope with common challenges.

President Xi and the Communist Party leadership are very clear about the “intensifying global challenges” they are now facing. These challenges are a wrestling of life and death.

Miles Kwok said in his whistle-blow on Saturday that the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations and the Evening Gala Performances have been planned for four years. It is the biggest political performance and propaganda since the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

Miles said by holding the conference and related cultural activities, the CCP leadership declares to the world that it is now without any doubt China is the leader of Asia and it is ready to take on the world soon.

In order to secure the venues for the conference and evening gala event, Beijing government almost cleared all nearby streets and had the police force monitoring all the local residents. “The so-called cultural shows on diversity of Asian civilizations have nothing to do with the ordinary Chinese people,” remarked Miles Kwok.

Miles went on to tell about the extremely tightened security around President Xi at the Grand Stadium during the performances, saying that his opponents within the CCP leadership are aiming at his life any time during the event.

The tense social and political atmosphere in Beijing surely has a lot to do with the escalating trade war with the U.S. and Donald Trump’s increasingly tougher sanctions on Chinese tech companies, especially Huawei.

“Promise fatigue” is a term used recently by Alaska Republican Senator Dan Sullivan, but is a condition widely shared by many in Washington and beyond, according to Michael Auslin from the Hoover Institution of Stanford University.

Senator Sullivan said, “I think most Americans are getting tired of what we refer to as promise fatigue. Promise fatigue, what is that? That means the Chinese at very high levels made commitments to their trading partners and they never keep them. This happens year after year. I witnessed it myself, year after year, and so the President is right when he saw the Chinese leadership backtracking already on a commitment that is evidently made – say enough! And by the way, if the Chinese leadership thinks that’s just the Trump’s administration – These are republican senators, democratic senators. The tolerance for China reneging on its promises again and again has come about zero.”

Trump isn’t the only one suffering from Chinese “promise fatigue.” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is cheering on the administration’s hard-line trade stance, and several congressional committees have issued reports on the dangers of China’s technology theft and the role Beijing-funded Confucius Institutes have played in curtailing critical opinions of China on American college campuses, said Michael Auslin.

The Hoover researcher said Beijing has only itself to blame for America’s frustration . China’s leaders are learning that credibility is difficult to rebuild once squandered. After all, Xi promised President Obama that China would not militarize the islands it built in that strategically vital South China Sea, and then promptly did so. China’s president also committed himself to ending cybertheft against American companies and individuals, but such digital aggression continues unabated, as does its theft of intellectual property. Beijing has repeatedly said that it will curtail exports of fentanyl to the United States, which have  made America’s opioid epidemic exponentially more lethal, yet little has been done.

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi urged the United States not to go too far in its damaging moves against Chinese interests in a phone conversation Saturday with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, according to the People’s Daily.

Wang stressed that China has stated its firm opposition to the U.S. recent negative words and acts related to Taiwan, and urged the United States to abide by the one-China principle and the three China-U.S. joint communiques, and handle Taiwan-related issues carefully and properly.

“We hope that all parties will exercise restraint and act with caution, so as to avoid escalating tensions,” Wang said, hoping that the US would not go too far on Huawei.

Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of Global Times under the People’s Daily, has been a hardliner to defend CCP’s stand. He said, “Huawei is leader in 5G technology and has long prepared for a back-up plan. US sanctions on Huawei may incur more losses to US companies than to Huawei. US Commerce Department’s decision to issue a temporary general license that lasts 90 days proved this.”

Hu said China will certainly retaliate for barbaric suppression Huawei received. It’s a unanimous attitude of officials and ordinary people. I believe Beijing is selecting retaliation targets and approaches, minimizing damage to itself and not weakening confidence in China’s opening up.

Hu said the US Commerce Department put Huawei on its Entity List, making trade war more like a real ‘war’. Trade talks have been stuck in deep shock. The Chinese are more convinced concessions won’t bring peace. The only way for China is to strengthen independent research & development.

Referring to Hu’s verbal attacks at Mr. Steven Bannon, Miles Kwok said Hu Xijin is one of the few representatives of the CCP’s Grand Propaganda team who would soon end up at Qincheng prison in Beijing.

During his whistle blow over the weekend, Miles Kwok further accused Li Ka-shing and his Cheung Kong Holdings of colluding with the group of traitors, mainly former President Jiang Zemin and his family, to steal the assets of Chinese people and commit other crimes like money laundering. Miles said Li’s Watsons and Bank of China are involved in these crimes and the Rule of Law Foundation will take them to justice.

Miles said the traitors have been very busy these weeks with their countermeasures and the Jiang family has recently summoned an emergency meeting.

In his tweets, Miles Kwok shares a video of late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping’s speech at the 6th Special Session of the U.N. General Assembly on April 10 of 1974.

Deng Xiaoping said, “If in the future China changes its color to become a superpower and comes to dominate the world, bullying others, invade others, and rip off others everywhere, then all people in the world should label China as a socialist imperialism, expose it, oppose it, and bring it down together with the Chinese people”.

We are confident that this day will come very soon.

By Winnie Troppie


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