People’s Daily refused to run an Op-ed written by US Ambassador to China


Today, the Chinese Communist Party’s main propaganda newspaper, the People’s Daily, refused to run an Op-ed written by our Ambassador in Beijing, Terry Branstad, citing a litany of grievances.

Ironically, the Op-ed called for more positive relations between the US and China and asked to “build relationships through unrestricted engagement and uncensored discussion.”

“The People’s Daily’s response once again exposes the Chinese Communist Party’s fear of free speech and serious intellectual debate – as well as Beijing’s hypocrisy when it complains about lack of fair and reciprocal treatment in other countries, ” said Michael Pompeo in a press statement today.

The Secretary says, Chinese government officials have enjoyed the ability to talk directly to the American people and provided its government’s views through the US’s free media. China’s Ambassador to the U.S. Cui Tiankai alone has published five Op-eds this year in prominent U.S. news outlets such as the Washington Post and Politico, and given exclusive interviews to the likes of CNN and CBS.

In addition, China’s Foreign Ministry and state-owned propaganda organs like the Global Times and China Daily regularly use free access to American social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to attack US policies, its way of life, and the very system that protects their ability to speak freely. They do this in other democratic countries, too.

“If Communist China is sincere about becoming a mature power and strengthening relations with the free world, General Secretary Xi Jinping’s government would respect the right for Western diplomats to speak directly to the Chinese people, allow foreign journalists back into China,” said Pompeo. “And they shall stop the intimidation and harassment of investigative journalists, foreign and Chinese, who strive to uphold the integrity of the fifth estate to serve the public good.”

“Their refusal to do so shows just how much China’s unelected Party elites fear their own people’s free-thinking and the free world’s judgment about their governance practices inside China,” the Secretary said.

US revokes visas for 1,000 Chinese students deemed security risk

The US says it has revoked the visas of more than 1,000 Chinese students and researchers who have been deemed to be a security risk.

The move follows a proclamation by President Donald Trump in May aimed at Chinese nationals suspected of having ties to the military. He said some had stolen data and intellectual property.

The state department gave no details. China has not commented.

Nearly 370,000 students from China enrolled at US universities in 2018-19.

A state department spokeswoman described those declined a visa as “high-risk graduate students and research scholars.”

She said they were a “small subset” of the total number of Chinese students.

“We continue to welcome legitimate students and scholars from China who do not further the Chinese Communist Party’s goals of military dominance,” the spokeswoman said.

You can read the proposed Op-ed by Ambassador Branstad here:


And read the response from the People’s Daily here:


Source: The Hypocrisy of the PRC’s Propaganda System (US State Department)


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