Pandora Box: hope for the Chinese towards the goal of the Himalayas



Looking back into the nearly on hundred years of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and 70 years of its governance in China, we can see countless and severe destruction to the Chinese nation. It is the first time in Chinese history that a whole nation of 1.4 billion people has been looked down upon by the world community as one of the ugliest, loathliest and most dangerous peoples on earth. It was the vile nature of the CCP and its system, together with the cowardice, ignorance and selfishness of the Chinese people, that have caused such disasters to a once great nation.

The solution is to overthrow the CCP regime and return the rule of law and freedom of beliefs to the land of China. The rule of law ensures the safety of people’s life and wealth; freedom of beliefs paves the way for peace in mind and happiness in life.

Traditionally Chinese has been a nation of great wisdom. When a great number of people with intelligence, normal thinking, a caring mind, openness to international values, respect to the rule of law, religious beliefs, hard working but without evil ambitions, come together to form a new leadership trusted by the people, the Chinese will have a great future and live in harmony with the world community.

After overthrowing the CCP regime with our revolutionary whistle blows and establishing a new government of democracy in China, I, Miles Kwok, will retreat to live a simple life in the forests.

The Chinese nation is not yet doomed. That’s why we have been sent by heavens and gifted with the Pandora Box to eliminate the CCP and lead the nation to the Himalayas. God, the Buddha and spirits are watching from above now, giving us a helping hand and showing us the directions.

We must break the curse that “without the CCP, China will be in chaos”. For thousands of years in Chinese history, dynasties come and go, but never before have we seen any periods of lasting chaos in the country. After the collapse of Qing Dynasty, the Communist Party once claimed that it would bring about a democracy in China, but a whole nation has been deceived after the establishment of the People’s Republic. Those CCP officials have all the privileges and the People’s Liberation Army takes the ordinary Chinese people as enemies.

For thousands of years, Chinese people have been much obedient under feudal imperial rule. While hunger breeds discontentment, Chinese people only stood up for revolts when they could not feed themselves. And historically, the Han Chinese have not been a warlike nation. Therefore I say China will not be in chaos with the elimination of the CCP.

Apart from that, the United States has kept the strongest military force in Asia-Pacific; China is closely linked to the world economically and culturally in the information age with 50 to 60 million overseas Chinese; domestically, majority of the PLA forces are not willing to start a war and 90% of CCP members are ordinary good-hearted people who have their own families, with parents and children to take care of. They all hate the CCP. The strength for peace is overwhelming.

Our target is clear. We only have to eliminate those top corrupt CCP officials, less than 10 individuals as I count the number. When this was done, the whole nation shall be liberated. The PLA will become the armed forces of a democratic nation. Independent justice shall ensure safety of the people and their wealth. Freedom of beliefs shall nurture the growth of morality and people shall be much at ease to pursue a happy life.

With the attention and support from the world, China shall be successful in eliminating poverty, and resourceful in dealing with natural disasters. With no military confrontation or an environment for separation by warlords, China will change for the good, to share prosperity with the world community and win their respect. This will not take long to accomplish.

Our enemies are just a few, some in Zhongnanhai (the CCP official residence in Beijing) and some in Shanghai. After their elimination, their wealth of hundreds of billions in US dollars hidden overseas shall be recovered and returned to the Chinese nation. With this, Chinese citizens shall no longer have to pay for their mortgages or for their vehicle’s monthly payments. Land shall be privatized, and ordinary people shall have the ownership.

Why I have said Chinese do not have to pay for their mortgages or car loans? In the past three decades, the CCP government has collected about 50 trillion US dollars in taxes. The most part of it should not have been levied on the ordinary people. The wealth belongs to the people, not the CCP. They can afford to feed an army with new taxes. The huge amount of cash used for social security and censorship can be saved for building a legal system with the rule of law. Chinese shall have a much brighter future.

The so-called rejuvenation by technology advancement, China Dream, Three Represents, Crossing the river by feeling the stones, and Great Leap Forward, etc are truly low graded, ridiculously downgraded. For most Chinese people, food and housing is no longer a problem, owning a car is a common thing, good education is accessible. Next, we need to have religious schools in China; we need to have universities for international students; we need to see a world welcoming Chinese students and scholars as well. Religions from across the world can send their missionaries to China freely. China shall encourage religious and cultural exchanges harmoniously with the world.

China shall build a strong economy. Chinese private entrepreneurs shall have good relations with foreign counterparts, like husbands and wives. Relationship between China and the United States or other western nations shall be like husbands and wives too. I personally have felt the friendship with the Americans, like brothers and sisters.

In my opinion, unity for all human beings is possible. The world can work together against global warning or diseases. At the 5G or 6G era, space exploration, space entertainment and space economy shall become norm in reality. The earth will become a global village, with people respecting and loving each other. That is our future.

Whether you live in the Middle East, Africa or Asia, Russia or America, distance will no longer be our obstacles. With auto-translation, cultural exchanges will no longer be a problem. When we have our space travels to the moon, the Mars, or other planets, the earth looks small under our feet. People do not have to work every day. Wisdom helps them to live a much meaningful and wealthy life. Communism or terrorism shall be all gone dead. Justice and righteousness shall prevail. I have full confidence in our future.

By then we shall release all prisoners from Chinese prisons.

Dear friends, you can never imagine the great forces behind our whistle blows. With the establishment of our Rule of Law, two many people across the world have contacted us for donations. Too many Overseas Chinese in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and other western countries want to give their donations to the Fund; some elderly have even changed their wills to make donations in the millions and billions. They have only one wish: help us overthrow the CCP!

After the arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou, overseas Chinese have witnessed CCP’s retaliation afterwards, properties or assets of many people sealed up or confiscated by CCP in Hong Kong and Macau, threats in Taiwan by the CCP to control its economy and media. Private entrepreneurs in Taiwan and Hong Kong, and wealthy Chinese in South East Asia all feel the pain and fear with CCP’s recklessness and cruelty.

Many lawyers, accountants, bankers and other professionals have also expressed their willingness to help.

Dear friends, no one can stop the increasing strength accumulated across the globe to stand up against the CCP in China. That strength is extraordinary, immensely huge, and out of everyone’s imagination! That’s why I have said to have absolute confidence to take down CCP.

Detention of Canadian citizens and threats to the Canadian government, refusal to grant travel visas to UK and US journalists, conflicts in the South China Sea, threats to Taiwan’s freedom and democracy … these are all gifts to us in the name of god; their fear becomes our weapon;the recklessness of the CCP is evidence of their crimes.

One and a half years ago when we first started our whistle blows, we were alone and mostly helpless. Our voice was weak and unworthy. In just 300 days, we have created history. For 70 years, Chinese voices have been weak in the world and few people would pay attention. But today, with our miracles and legends one after another, we have captured the world’s attention. We have more and more companions standing up for justice. Our courage mounts as the battle progresses.

More Chinese are now opening their eyes for the truth; their wisdom returns. Too many people are inspired with hope. And they feel their lives so much different and meaningful.

We have opened a new chapter in Chinese history. We have created history. We are the sunshine. We are the hope of China. Everyone is proud to be part of it.

Everything is just beginning.

By Miles kwok
Translation by staff writer


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