Over one million Hong Kong people in protests: pictures


Estimated over one million people took to the streets of Hong Kong on June 9th to demonstrate against the controversial extradition bill, requesting its chief executive to step down.

Again thousands of protesters came out in the rain to surround Hong Kong’s Legislative Council on Tuesday night, defying police warnings as Carrie Lam’s government prepared to resume debate on a controversial extradition law.

Photos taken by warrior friends of Guo.media/June 9th Hong Kong/Central.

Photos taken by warrior friends of Guo.media on June 9th. 2019

Police to encircle a girl protester Crystal who is live broadcasting the demonstration.

Crystal, a warrior friend of Guo.media, confronted the police with a live streaming on Sunday night.

Police encircling the protesters approaching the government headquarters in Central.

At 5:20 am of June 10th, a girl protester sitting in front of the legislation headquarters in Hong Kong.

Young girl detained by police during the demonstration on June 9 of 2019.

Young girl taken away by police near the government headquarters on June 9.

Hong Kong Government Headquarters/June 9th, 2019

Suspected mainland riot policemen in Hong Kong police uniforms on June 9th 2019.

PLA army vehicles going into Hong Kong territory from Shenzhen at night on June 9th.

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