Over 2 million out for protests as interim government is called for in Hong Kong


Over two million people walked out for demonstration in Hong Kong streets yesterday to oppose the controversial extradition bill and reject Carrie Lam’s remarks of apology, according to the organizers.

Many people have brought out the whole family on Sunday afternoon. More than a dozen in wheelchairs are also among those who have taken to the streets to protest against the bill and call for the government not to charge students with riot. The Pro-democratic Front recorded the number at 2.13 million.

What happened yesterday greatly shocked and moved the world. This is unprecedented in human history.

A warrior friend Melissa Chan said, “The people of Hong Kong should be up for the Nobel Peace Prize. Two million protesters – orderly, recycling, giving way to ambulances as massive crowds part, giving safety hat and gear to visiting foreign correspondents -what better example of peaceful resistance in 2019?”

After the peaceful protests into midnight, different organizations have warned to escalate their pressure if the government is not submissive to the following terms:

First, withdraw the extradition bill;

Second, revoke the notion of “crime of riot”;

Third, release all protesters who have been detained by police and compensate the injured;

Fourth, publicize a list of police officers involved in the use of violence;

Fifth, set up an independent committee to investigate into the power abuse of the police;

Sixth, compensate to the family of the deceased protester on June 15.

If Carrie Lam’s government refuses to accept the above terms, the organizers will consider to establish an interim government in Hong Kong and formulate a legal framework for the governance of the territory.

Noted U.S. hedge fund manager Kyle Bass who has been cooperated with Guo Wengui said yesterday was Beijing’s worse nightmare. He tweeted, “The HK protests bring the unworkable schism into full daylight. Communist China can’t use its iron fist to avoid the protests. The solidarity of the good people of HK (together with the Rule of Law ) has thwarted Xi’s dimwitted attempt to steal HK’s autonomy.”

Guo Wengui warned during the live broadcast in New York that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leadership has planned for incidents of violence so that the PLA troops can be sent into Hong Kong to “maintain stability”.

Guo said, “They will create some violent incidents, like burning a house, robbing a train, or using force to threaten the lives of Carrie Lam and other key officials in their residences, and make these an excuse for the People’s Liberation Army to be sent into the territory. Hong Kong people must be aware of that!”

Guo told that more PLA troops are now deployed along the northern border at Shenzhen and Zhuhai. The PLA soldiers hidden inside many office buildings and at the military base have not retreated. They are well prepared for unexpected attacks.

As some young people are still protesting near the government headquarters and more people are on strike, Guo Wengui said he is closing monitoring the Hang Seng Index this morning. “This is another important battleground. The CCP government must spend hundreds of billions of dollars to save the Hong Kong stocks, but they will fail in the end,” said the CCP killer firmly.

Victory must belong to the Hong Kong people.

Everything is just beginning.

By Winnie Troppie


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