Over 100,000 deaths: What does that mean to the US and Donald Trump?


One hundred thousand.

By the end of May 2020, the number of people in the US who have died from the CCP virus has passed 100,000, an average of more than 1,100 a day over a span of three months.

That is an incalculable loss.

In a country of freedom and democracy, each of those deaths is represented as a ray of light.

Though the Communist Regime in China should be held accountable, some critics say Donald Trump now has the blood of 100,000 people on his hands.

Today, a divided nation struggles to grieve 100,000 deaths. Adding to the over 40,000,000 left unemployed, more are to grieve in this unbearable crisis.

“For those who have lost loved ones during the pandemic, the normal rhythms of grief and mourning have been shattered. Victims have died alone in hospital as relatives have been forced to say goodbye over video, while mourners, banned from weeping at services, watch them over a live stream instead.” (SMH)

“On a national level, the grieving process has been no easier. America is struggling to comprehend the enormity of the death toll, which is certainly higher than the official figure suggests.” (SMH)

On this somber Memorial Day weekend, America is approaching the grim milestone, with more and more Americans blaming Trump failing to control the epidemic, in addition to cursing the evil Chinese Communist Party.

That is more than the Pearl Harbour and the 9.11 attacks. But the US is not prepared to start a WWIII against the CCP regime.

This is a very sad milestone.

There is no doubt that Donald Trump has been too weak and soft on Communist China and Xi Jinping and thus he has been too slow to act against the many threats the CCP regime has brought to the American society in decades.

Over decades, CNN has been mostly FAKE in delivering the truth, but it is right for CNN to call for a “meeting of the minds and a national strategy with or without Trump” as “we have suffered enough from rudderless, distracted and deadly politics.”

73-year-old Donald Trump is truly too old as a fighter. Confronting the disasters, the experienced businessman is learning to become a politician.

If we look at all the measures and actions taken by Trump to deal with the CCP regime, we see only the kindness of an old man rather than a firm defender of what is right.

Compared to the brutality and cruelty of the thugs and gangsters of the CCP leadership, Donald Trump is like a kid of powerlessness. He has been played and fooled around by President Xi.

That might be the reason why CCP leadership never fears the Americans or the forces of righteousness in the world. They only fear “their own comrades” within the CCP leadership. Each CCP leader knows only “their own comrades” within the CCP can pose real threats to their lives.

What a world we are living in! Evils prevail most of the time.

Economic sanctions or political condemnation can never bring the Communist dictatorship to its end. What else can Donald Trump do? We are not going to expect more.

Many believe the west is now at war with Communist China. But it is a no-win war for the civilized world.

Still, we are optimistic. The CCP regime is rotten. With its countless crimes, the system is deteriorating and disintegrating from the core. It is rotten from the inside. Internal fights will cause its self-destruction.

Yesterday, 2858 “home-raised animals” voted in favor of the national security law to strip Honghongers of their freedom and democracy at the conclusion of the Two Sessions.

Yesterday, at a Guizhou primary school, security guards confiscated all the lunch boxes from the students’ school bags, scolding, “If you have brought lunches from home, how can the school canteen and grocery store make money!?” What kind of philosophy behind this barbaric act? This system shall never live in this world!

Premier Li Keqiang was telling the truth that 600 million Chinese are receiving a monthly salary of 1000 RMB or US$140. This is the quality of life for half the Chinese population with the world’s second-biggest economy. But the CCP still claims its model to be the best in the world.

The CCP is a toxic tumor, at its last stage of survival.

Even though Donald Trump and the Americans do nothing in the coming year, the arrogance and stupidity of President Xi will speed up the process of the CCP’s destruction.

The world will see a new China without the Chinese Communist Party.

Everything has started.

By Winnie Troppie



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