Our fight against ABC Australia’s fake news


On November 13th, Himalaya Australia organized a lawful and peaceful protest at ABC Australia’s headquarter in Brisbane, Queensland.

The organizers of this protest explained the reasoning behind this protest, as well as their experience during the day.

ABC Australia is weaponized to spread the leftist ideology

With the global political atmosphere progressively pivoted to the far left, the media has become the most dominant weapon for the Left to control public opinion. Nowadays, even schools and textbooks are manipulated by the Left and the communist ideology is being seeded into our kids’ minds.

ABC Australia is the most influential media in Australia and receives funding from Australian taxpayers. Yet it has failed as a balanced media so much so that we feel a need to gather here today, outside the ABC building, to reveal what ABC is really like to the world.

Examples of fake news against the New Federal State of China

ABC News is constantly producing fake news. Take its latest report on Jon Pan as an example, ABC slandered all members from the New Federal State of China and made us look like terrorists. The actual fact is, we were just peacefully protesting outside Jon Pan’s house with our lawyer next to us to make sure our conduct stayed within the law.

This is a shameless violation of the ABC code of practice, that says they require impartiality in their journalism.

Allow me to elaborate on how ABC treated the spirit of journalism. Echo Hui, a reporter from ABC who co-authored this report, contacted Ms. An Hong – the director of Himalaya Australia – for a response via email around 5 to 6 pm on the day before its release date.

Ms. An Hong was asked to provide a response after office hour and was only given a few hours to make this response. We were not sure if her response was read as ABC published that report the next day. It is clear that ABC was not interested to learn the truth as Ms Hong was not given a real chance to respond before the report went public.

The content of that report expressed nothing but the support for Jon Pan, who is an agent of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). ABC has now completely degraded itself into the machinery of CCP propaganda.

There are more Australians who agreed with us than we thought

At the very beginning of this assembly, we were worried if some local Australians will find our political stances repellent. To our surprise, not only did we not experience any unfriendliness from the locals, there were many by-passers who stopped to chat with us and expressed their support to us.

Now we can confidently conclude that local Australians, unlike what we expected, are actually quite aware about fake news media like ABC. However many are voiceless in this matter as their views are suppressed or they struggle to find a medium to get their views out. There is a lot of invisible censorship that exists in Australia, including on social media platform.

One French lady had a long and in-depth conversation with us and not only that, she even requested for a t-shirt and many of our brochures. She wanted to help spread our message. Listen to what she had to say here.

The ABC is now ‘shameless’, said former Chairman

ABC Ausralia’s editorial policy stated that it is to “ensure that editorial decisions are not improperly influenced by political, sectional, commercial or personal interests.”

Clearly this has not been our experience. In fact, ABC’s own former chairman Maurice Newman once said that while he would like to stay loyal to his former organization, “the ABC bias is absolutely palpable” and that “the ABC is now ‘shameless’ and there is no attempt to bring balance to its programs.”

What’s the alternative if not ABC? We hope that you will hop onto the GNEWS.org and GTV.org, where you find uncensored truth to make up your mind instead of being fed false propaganda by ABC.

Material prepared by: rosabona
Editor: XO酱

Whistleblowers Movement and New Federal State of China Joins Million Maga March in Washington D.C. on Saturday.


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