Only the most evil government would threaten its own people with armed forces, says Guo Wengui


Former White House Strategist Steve Bannon has sent his message to the Himalayas Embassy in New York earlier today from the border in South Arizona :

Mr. Bannon: Special note! I was talking about the young patriots, the people a lot of the ages of you guys, young men and women that are fighting for free market capitalism in China, to be tear-gased, to be beaten by riot police, to have rubber bullets shutting them down. It looks like this weekend, they are not backing down.

It looks like this weekend the Chinese Communist Party could instill martial law in Hong Kong. This is a global event; I want everybody to follow that. This is really to tell you the weakness of the Chinese Communist Party, trying to put down their own people.

The young folks in Hong Kong – they are not prepared to let the world have another Tiananmen Square, where tens of thousands of Chinese citizens were murdered by the butchers of the Chinese Communist Party and the world was just like of look.

Guo Wengui: Warrior friends, we have just seen the video of Mr. Steve Bannon at the southern border with Mexico. Although he is very busy with lots of friends there, he accepted many interviews these days, including CNBC, regarding the escalating protests in Hong Kong.

Mr. Bannon was shocked when he learned about the martial law to be enforced in Hong Kong as exposed in my video broadcast.

In a day and a half since I made the announcement of martial law enforcement and the establishment of an executing office in Hong Kong by CCP, people around the world have paid their attention with doubts and the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying was quick to tell that “it is a rumor”.

I am not going to prove whether I am right or not. This is not a prediction. I would rather believe that this will never happen. I would trade my life for not letting it happen.

Now I am absolutely sure that this will happen. Whatever measures they will take, whether it is a citywide curfew, or regional or partial curfew, or some sort of enforcement by cooperation of Hong Kong police with the PLA garrison troops in Hong Kong or armed forces from bordering Guangdong, it is a kind of martial law.

The Chinese Communist Party has no competitors in the world when it comes to the ability in making up words, telling lies and directing people’s attention.

I firmly believe the martial law would take place any time, any minute. And I firmly believe they will do it from August 4-6.

Even if they would not do it on August 4-6, they must do it at a later day soon. There is no existence of so-called strategic consideration from their side. There is no possibility that they would stop it because of my whistle blow. If you think that way, you are absolutely ignorant of the nature of the Chinese Communist Party.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokespersons are good at nothing but telling lies. Besides other CCP spokespersons, I used to meet with foreign ministry spokesmen from former Libya and Iraq dictatorships. They were the same as CCP spokespersons.

Our Expose Revolution is to reveal the truth. I take responsibility for every sentence, every phrase, every word and every piece of information. We only tell about the truth. If I am wrong, I will admit that and make an apology. If I am right, I don’t need your appraisal. I will taking full responsibility if I have violated the law.

My forecast was only the effort to weaken the bloodshed on the streets of Hong Kong, and so that less people would be hurt or lose their lives.

I want to repeat, I firmly believe that this will happen.

If there is a martial law enforced on the streets of Hong Kong, it is going to be the destruction of the Chinese Communist Party.

If no martial law is to take place, Hong Kong will all the same be the first gate to elimination and burial of the Communist Party.

Everything is just beginning.

Translation and edited by Staff


  1. Quite normal for PLA to declare Martial law. I am surprised HK Government allow all these protest to topple law and order. Now that fire is spreading, the real fire fighting soldiers must be call in…. Declare Martial Law soon.

  2. It is the weakness of a coward government to issue permits for protest. The police chiefs, are the one to be sacked for issuing such permits. All application for protests must be banned. Why issue them…..?

  3. HK people are damn stupid ass. They think their problem can be solved by more democracy…… Damn bloody stupid ass. The more the democracy, the more the economic exploitation in HK society. What is needed is to nationalise land ownership in HK and use them to build economic housing for the masses. Socialist Capitalism is needed in HK.


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