One of largest Buddhist temples near Tibet destroyed by CCP, leaving 3000 nuns homeless

Yaqing Temple before demolition.

More than 3,000 nun residences in the “Yaqing Temple” in Baiyu County, Sichuan Province have been razed to the ground. The authorities have built lawns on the ruins to cover the demolitions. The Tibetan exiles urged the Chinese authorities to respect the values of Tibetan Buddhism culture.

The Yaqing Temple, a Tibetan Buddhist center in Baiyu County, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province, has suffered a forced demolition since August 2017. Thousands of monks and nuns have been expelled, causing strong concern from international media and human rights organizations. Because the local authorities are strictly controlled by the Chinese authorities, and the communication channels are also highly controlled and restricted, many things happening in the local area cannot be known to the outside world in time.

Local people told: “About 3,500 monks and nuns at Yaqing Temple have been forcibly expelled since May this year. In the following months, the authorities removed all their houses and then burnt them. The authorities recently planted lawns on the ruins, and then covered them with green plastic. ”

Yaqing Temple after demolition.

Yaqing Temple has been blocked from the outside world: “In order to prevent the current situation of Yaqing Temple from being leaked, the authorities have completely banned foreign tourists from entering earlier this year. They also installed high-definition surveillance cameras everywhere, and increased strict management of network communications. Military police and government working groups are stationed in the local area, constantly monitoring the religious activities of the temple and the monks and nuns.”

Some of the deported nuns are now being held in the “Patriotic Re-education Camp” in Changdu County and Jiangda County of Changdu City, Tibet Autonomous Region.

The Chinese government has adopted stricter security measures and mobile patrols in Larong Temple in Seda County and Yaqing Temple in Baiyu County and neighboring villages, similar to “military zones.”

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