One billion Chinese are happy to say: Thank you, the United States of America


Whether the US decides to go along with the new tariffs on US$ 200 billion worth of Chinese goods later today, the majority Chinese population would hail Donald Trump for his relentless wrestling against the Communist regime.

President Donald Trump told reporters on Air Force One Friday that he was “ready to go” on tariffs for another $267 billion in Chinese goods “if he wants,” which would come on top of the $200 billion in goods already targeted, according to Bloomberg and Reuters.

Donald Trump said, “I like China”, not only once. And he meant it.

Donald Trump puts the America first and he loves the American people. Most Chinese netizens think that if he has the mind to love his own people and do good to them, he probably will have the power to like people in other parts of the world and do good to them.

They would rather trust Trump than President Xi and other CCP leaders who “love” only the African people while doing so much evil to their fellow citizens.

“I wish Trump was President of China too!” “Trump has the courage to face the facts and tell the truth. Trump is nothing but logic and common sense.” “I like Mr. Trump, his speech on China always racks me up!” “I’m not from the USA but that I truly like Trump. See how biased our media is and the lies we get on a daily basis. God bless America!” “Kill the CCP with the trade war!”

China’s censors are busy scrambling to control the narrative and comments about the trade war with the US, ridiculing “the wise build bridges, the fool build walls” and once even blocked the number “US$ 600” on Baidu search.

“I’m not doing this for politics – I’m doing this to do the right thing for our country,” Trump said at one time. “We have been ripped off by China for a long time.” Strangely enough, as Chinese, I find myself fully agreeing with President Trump. The world is in need of a wakeup call. The world needs a strong USA.

Chinese exiled billionaire Miles Kwok said in his whistle blow, “Chinese need to have a festival called ‘Thank you! USA’.” Exiled Chinese political activist Mr. Yang Jianli was happy to lead a campaign for a thanksgiving day in the US. And the populace of overseas Chinese applauded, including the 3.8 million in America.

In history, the US has done too much good for the Chinese people and they never forget their gratitude. On the contrary, the ungrateful CCP government has screwed Americans for years.

Starting in the 1870s, American missionaries began developing educational institutions in China. They discovered the demand for Western education was much stronger, and much more elite, than the demand for Christianity. Programs were set up to fund Chinese students in American colleges.

In 1899, when the Boxer Rebellion was overrun by Qing troops with support from the Eight-Nation Alliance, Chinese paid indemnities to France, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy, Japan, Russia and Britain.

The US used its $11 million share to promote cultural and educational exchanges and help China modernize. A number of schools were established in China, such as Tsinghua College in Peking.

In 1931, Japan invaded and occupied Manchuria. The United States along with other countries condemned the action, and supported China in its war with Japan after 1937.

We are quite familiar with the Flying Tigers, the American Volunteer Air Units organized by the the US government to aid the Nationalist government of China against Japan in the Second World War. Combat groups equipped with American aircraft and staffed by aviators and technicians were recruited from the U.S. Army, Navy and Marine Corps for service in China.

In 1979, the US changed its diplomatic recognition of China from Taipei to Beijing. In the Three Communiqués, the US acknowledges that all Chinese on either side of the Taiwan Strait maintain there is but one China and that Taiwan is a part of China.

The US government supported Deng Xiaoping’s economic reform and later China’s entry into the WTO; it has helped train millions of young Chinese in its universities and scientific institutions, who later become the backbone of Chinese modernization.

The US has done this with hope that Communist China would gradually go onto the road of freedom and democracy, and join the western civilization.

But the CCP regime has been unthankful.

After Tiananmen Massacre, Sino-US relations deteriorated sharply, with Beijing accusing the US of “a decades-long conspiracy to subvert Chinese socialism”.

Although some Americans have advocated for the annexation of Taiwan from China, the US has been very friendly with the Chinese people, in that it gives refuge to victims of Communist suppression , protects its dissidents, and has always stood up for human rights in the beautiful country of China.

Unlike the Soviet Union who has invaded and occupied over a million square kilometers of China’s territory, unlike the Japanese who has invaded China causing disasters, unlike the British who sold opium to downgrade the Chinese population … …the Americans have treated China mostly fair and humanely.

This economic war with China started by Donald Trump has “taught the Chinese a lesson”, letting them know more clear than ever how vicious the CCP is, and how it has used the innocent Chinese as captives and shields.

The Chinese has no reason not to say “thank you” to the United States of America.

By Staff writer


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