Officials of the CCP leadership were also infected with coronavirus, says Guo Wengui


About three weeks ago, when I met with a leader from a certain country, I told him and his team, “In the near future, Heilongjiang province will be hard hit by coronavirus.”

They were all surprised, questioning, “Why do you think Heilongjiang will be hard hit? It is a place so far way from Wuhan.” They thought provinces like Zhejiang and Jiangxi or Chongqing might be more serious.

I held a completely different view from them. I said to them, “The situation in Heilongjiang will be devastating. You don’t know much about the composition of Heilongjiang’s population, how many Heilongjiang people have traveled to the south to look for work. And you have no idea of how corrupt the Heilongjiang government and its officials are. How bureaucratic they are. Once there is a virus spread there, it will be very difficult to keep it under control.”

And I went on to tell them that Beijing will become the next pandemic center, more serious than Wuhan or Hubei.

I repeatedly told similar things to my friends in the Third Department of the Military, headquartered at West Mountain in Beijing, one of the most important bases of the military.

For the Chinese Communist Party, the most important places are at Jade Springs Mountain, the West Mountain, and the Phoenix Mountain, as well as the military bases at Badachu, and the artillery camps at the Fragrance Mountain.

There is a common feature with all these military bases: a series of Xiang’eQing restaurants serving the military personnel and their families with Hubei-style cuisine, especially at West Mountain and Badachu.

This area also houses the country’s internet control center: the state information technology center, and China’s satellite base, technical and research center for satellite launches.

My predictions have proved to be correct: Heilongjiang, Badachu, and West Mountain are the hardest hit by coronavirus, including the military bases at the Phoenix Mountain.

The CCP has reported 8-10 cases of infection in the area. But I am telling you today that you can add two Zeros to the figures, 100 times more.

Friends, warm March is coming with the spring flowers blooming; hay fever would be more common with the spread of falling flowers. I had the experience myself at the Central Park here in New York and in Washington. When more people cough, you can imagine, that makes it easy for the coronavirus to spread.

In 1889-1900, history recorded many deaths from a pandemic; you can check that out.

I am telling you here that all the numbers released by the CCP are fake. “CCP! You can come and sue me for these words.”

We have absolute intelligence from insiders telling us about the number of deaths, the number of bodies cremated, and the number of infected people. The figures of over 1,800 deaths are all fake and bullshit.

Many medical doctors were also infected. The numbers are in the thousands or over ten thousand.

And don’t ask me for evidence. Go and ask the CCP for evidence.

If the CCP insists that their numbers are correct, it shall let doctors and experts from the world come to China and allow family members of those deceased to speak the truth.

They killed Li Wenliang and arrested 8 doctors. They have the whole country shut up! Dare you let people speak? Dare you open the internet? Let those suffering families speak! Let Wuhan people speak!

Don’t just let your police speak! Or those stupid people coming out to dance with your order!

I have received messages from North Eastern China telling that the situation is calm there. These stupid people have all kept their own eyes closed. They won’t be frightened without witnessing the deaths of their parents!

Some parents even sent their children to the front fighting the coronavirus. How deplorable they are!

The world has seen so many Chinese being stupid, ugly, and deplorable.

We have warned you over and over with our Expose Revolution but you have ignored our warnings. More than that, you have brought your family members into disasters. You stupid people, go and believe in the CCP! That’s your choice. You have the right to choose deaths.

Go and follow the CCP’s instructions to get back to work. You stupid people!

We have friends telling us in big factories in Shenzhen that many workers are under quarantine, restricted by the police.

In places near the Shenzhen Airport, lots of people from Hong Kong are under quarantine. There are trucks of people being transported to these restricted areas every day.

Do you really believe that only about 2,000 died in China? Look at Italy and Iran, the death rates there. And compare the numbers with those released by the CCP.

Today, Wang Qishan is out. I thought he would not be out until the 29th. Luckily he is still standing. I thought he could be out lying in bed.

Our intelligence told that Wang was also infected. When our friends talked about the possibility, Wang Qishan was out shaking hands with Serbian First Deputy Primer Minister.

Do you think, friends, that Wang has been infected?

How many more officials from the standing committee of the CCP leadership have been infected with the disease? You will soon know the answer.

Everything is just beginning.

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff


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