November is the darkest time for Hong Kong, but the best time is coming, says Guo Wengui


A think tank is drafting a speech for next Monday and asked Wengui for updates about China. Vice President Mike Pence will also be invited.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has run into the Tacitus Trap. The world is very clear that China is ruled by a terrorist organization and has a fake government.

The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, the Special Hong Kong Act, and other acts will all be passed. A delay of one or two weeks is not a bad thing. What has been happening in Hong Kong these two weeks is a gift by God. The Hong Kong affair is no long about Hong Kong, it is about the world. It relates to all Catholics and Christians of the whole world.

In the wrestling within Washington, the side supporting Hong Kong has taken the absolute advantages.

Joseph Zen Ze-kiun, Cardin of Hong Kong Catholic Church, and Denise Ho Wan-see, singer and pro-democratic activist, have played an important role in winning the support of western countries.

Our Expose Revolution has let the world see things clearly and thus separate the Chinese Communist Party from the Chinese people. Now everyone knows the Chinese people have been kidnapped by the Communist Party.

Guo Wengui is among the 1.4 billion Chinese kidnapped by the CCP. The United States and the West are victims of CCP’s stealing of wealth and technology.

Mr. Yin, the police officer from the criminal investigation team who joined the live-broadcast by Ludepress revealed more scandals of the CCP. He has opened the first shot to eliminate the CCP from within the CCP. Mr. Yin’s courageous act tells that most people within the CCP’s system are good people with conscience.

I hope that Lude would build a base in his residence to take care of other warrior friends, making it a family for warrior friends as it is not realistic for Wengui to meet these friends too often.

Some warrior friend in Japan found out that there are people doing bad things against our Expose Revolution. It tells that our warrior friends are everywhere across the world, forming a united front against the evil-doers sent by the CCP.

Once again Jack Ma is out to say stupid things. He said the CCP was not able to maintain its economic development. True but even worse! The whole of Europe and US think that the CCP’s economy will perform badly for a long time to come.

China’s domestic economy is a mess. The information sent by our warrior friends has told the worst story that shocks Wengui.

In the case of Shengjing Bank, one dollar of savings will turn into 2.5-3 times of loans with 30% commission. In the case of Beijing Bank, one dollar of savings will carry 1.5-2 times of mortgage with 2% monthly interest. These are not banks; they are banking scams. I will soon reveal more scandals about Zeng Qinghong’ son and Renhe Properties.

In the following days Nov. 11-13, many Americans will meet in Manhattan. The US government is worried that while too much money cannot be withdrawn from China, the government cannot take further actions.

Too many good things are happening and there is not enough time to tell them all. But one thing is for sure: the historic time is coming along with the triumph of freedom, democracy and the rule of law in China.

The CCP has sent many of its representatives to do harm to our Expose Revolution and to our warrior friends in the west. They threaten our warrior friends, hack their computers, and defame them in collusion with western media.

October and November are the darkest time for Hong Kong with the greatest challenges. But the best time for Hong Kong is coming.

Everything is just beginning.

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff

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