NFSC celebrates the Launch of the H-Coin


November 1, 2021 (EST) was destined to be an epoch-making day – Himalayan Coin opened and went public! On the day of the IPO, two platforms, GTV and GETTR, simultaneously broadcasted this in a big way. Guests and fellow fighters in front of the screen could not hide their excitement and were dressed in formal attire, ready to drink champagne, and waiting for this moment of celebration amidst laughter!

Over the past few years, the fellow fighters have been walking hard on the road to extinguish the CCP under the leadership of Mr. Guo. Along the way, there have been too many hard times and too many things worth reviewing. There are so many things to look back on, one after another, that it is impossible to say it all. However, none of them can compare to the big event like the listing of H-Coin. Everyone understands what the listing means. It is no exaggeration to say that H-Coin carries the will of heaven! The listing of H-Coin will be the gas pedal of the CCP’s demise!

The process of the live broadcast went on for a long time, but it seemed to go by quickly. Under the attention of all the people, suddenly all the live broadcast screen changed and two lion dancers representing traditional Chinese folk culture appeared in the Himalaya Exchange, dancing in the air with joyfulness. Since ancient times, traditional Chinese folklore believes that the lion dance can drive away evil spirits and bless peace. The lion dancers’ lively performance was a prayer for good luck and peace for the New Federal State of China, and for the listing of the coins to be auspicious and to soar.

With Mr. Guo and his guest fellow fighters happily opening the champagne together, H-Coin was finally listed! In just two hours after the launch, the coin soared from $0.1 to $7.7! And this is just the beginning, the future of H-Coin is immeasurable!

Fellow fighters have said that with their wealth, they are strong, they can better protect their families, and they can better fight with the Whistleblower Movement to destroy the Chinese Communist Party!

【Japan Himalaya League】 Author: 子辰  Translator: Ranting

Himalaya Coin – Digital Coin Of The Future

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