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This biological novel about the author’s life encounters in China from 1967-2003 will give readers lots of surprises and inspiration. The second part of this book delivers a moral message that justice is necessary for humanity.

The author gives his insights into the cause of the coronavirus and stresses the importance of faith to make this world a better place to live.

A man was born to suffer.

Every part of his life was a bubble, easy to break and easy to be blown away. The philosophy was the same as my story.

I tried not to write with too much of my feelings and emotions but go down the lines with my mind and conscience. Feelings are the waves on the ocean, and emotions are splashes of the mountain streams when they hit the rocks. My mind and conscience are just flat water, still and calm without the push of outside forces.

But I may not be able to achieve this, as water and waves are one body, not two. They are inseparable. When we level and clear the waves, there is no more water.

Feelings and emotions hurt, but our minds and conscience do not. They give us courage and encouragement.

When our minds and conscience suffer, they become feelings and emotions. These feelings and emotions form an essential part of our memoirs.

Part One  My Country My Story

1   Early Childhood

2   Primary School

3   A Little Blessing

4   The Red Palace Academy

5   Be Prepared and Ready

6   University

7   Government Job

8   A Tour Guide

9   Venture Failure

10  Macau

11  Real Estate Agent

12  Journalism

13  Restaurant Manager

14  The Media

15  Migration

Part Two My Spiritual Journey

1 Christianity

2 Lost Freedom
3 Fatherhood

4 Amitabha Buddha

5 Enlightenment

6 Study Tour

7 Bankruptcy

8 Secret Mantra

9 Whistleblower

10 Coronavirus

11 Retreat

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