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In the years of 2018-2019, the Chinese god of war Miles Kwok has continued to make headlines with his whistle blows accusing CCP officials of corruption and other scandals. On November 20, former Trump strategist Steven Bannon joined Miles Kwok to host the Press Briefing on the death of Wang Jian and the Truth behind HNA Group. At the press event, Miles and Bannon announced a Rule of the Law Fund to fight the communist regime in China and help victims under CCP persecution.

As Miles Kwok’s Pandora Box is to be opened in the coming months, more and more people are convinced that the death of former HNA Chairman is a political murder by a scheme of a few corrupt CCP officials whose days are numbered. The Rule of Law Fund chaired by Steve Bannon will cooperate with the US government and world human rights organizations to end CCP’s religious and political persecution across China, especially in Xinjiang and Tibet. Miles Kwok and his companions will be working to form a transitional government overseas called the Himalayas and lay down fundamental principles for future democracy in China.

To support Miles Kwok, Steve Bannon, the Rule of Law Fund, and the process of China’s freedom and democracy, we have released a new book entitled “Miles Kwok: the revolutionary whistleblower” by Cloudy Seagail.

You can go to for purchase of the book in both digital and paperback formats.

You can also download a Free E-book PDF here.

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