Mr. Guo’s Revelation of the Impacts of the Freeze on the EU-China Agreement


After seven years of negotiations, EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI) was finally agreed in principle on December 30, 2020. However, EU Commission Executive Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis said last week that efforts to get the deal ratified by lawmakers in the European Parliament had been halted.

In Mr. Miles Guo’s revelation on May 30, he told us about what happened in the recent EU hearing, its significance of impacts, and the testimonial of another whistleblower on the CCP’s biological warfare program.

Below is an English translation of what Mr. Guo has said on his live broadcast on May 30.

In China, only Xi and the Jiang clans are in power struggles now. After Hong Kong, the hen that laid golden eggs, was destroyed and China and the United States are about to decouple, the CCP now turns its hope on the EU-China Agreement. In its belief, the Agreement will determine how many years more the CCP can last because this is the only source maintaining its economy. CCP’s infiltration using bribery, blackmail, and honey traps is wide and deep in Europe. CCP’s War Wolf Diplomacy to EU has put Merkel and Macron, the number one and number two leaders of the EU on the verge of collapsing.

The freeze on the EU-China Agreement has brought the CCP’s international relations back to 1989. With this, the World Trade Organization (WTO), the World Bank, and then the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will eject the CCP from these international organizations. When these three organizations kick out the CCP, the United Nations (UN) will strip it of its permanent member status and associated rights in the UN. When these happen, the Chinese people will realize that the CCP-led government can no longer represent them.

In fact, two-thirds of the EU nations supported the EU-China Agreement, but at the meeting, some EU members proposed to let all foreign ministries talk about how the CCP has been treating Europe after the pandemic. They found that the CCP is not a responsible government but a rogue government.

A virologist, who was a PLA general and fled from China, stood up and testified in the meeting. He showed video clips and documents at the meeting. This has shocked Europe! In his testimonial, the CCP has released the coronavirus in Guangzhou to quell the Hong Kong movement and during the World Military Games to eradicate the influence of the U.S. dollar. Its overall goal is to become world dominance. There are thousands of variants of coronaviruses in China, and there is another toxin that grows from grass and can be released using small insects. None of their vice-ministerial level and above are vaccinated.

This scientist also revealed that India, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil, etc. will all be the next targets of the CCP’s biological warfare. He warned that if another outbreak occurs (or another attack) in the United States, the lives of one-third of Americans are in danger, and hundreds of millions of people may die worldwide. Moreover, the side effects of the vaccine include exhausting the immune system, myocarditis, and cerebrovascular diseases. Only hydroxychloroquine can prevent the disease. After finding out about this testimonial, Fauci immediately changed his position on the origin of the virus, Biden immediately issued an executive order to investigate in detail, and social media finally allowed people to talk about the laboratory origin theory.

The EU-China Agreement is the last hope and support of the CCP’s economy and technology. If Europe cannot protect the CCP’s dirty wealth, China’s financial sector will collapse completely. Now the European financial institutions in China and Hong Kong are leaving as quickly as they can. In 2019, Mr. Guo has told us that Europe would definitely stand with him. If there was no Whistleblower Movement, Europe would not change its attitude toward the CCP. The five major families and the seven major institutions have offered great help for Dr. Yan and that scientist. Many unsung heroes have made great efforts on those invisible fronts. We have to thank them and pray for them.

After the halt of the EU-China agreement, the biggest danger in Europe is Russia. Tiger Yang (Jiechi) went to meet Putin. Putin has watched the European hearings and said that if the hearings were all true, China and Russia must no longer be friends and Russia-China relations will have to be terminated right away. In terms of biological weapons and certain strategic weapons, Russia is actually in a leading position superseding the United States. The CCP learned this from Russia. The collapse of the EU-China agreement and the success of the EU-Japan agreement are 2 major blows to the CCP and have caused the trust issue between Putin and the CCP.

The future of Europe will not be Russia’s Europe but the 5 big families which stand with us. Because of the collaboration with the Swamp, and their support, we have the Whistleblower Movement and our voices can be heard by the politicians. In addition, the success of the Whistleblower Movement is the contribution of fellow warriors who are unsung heroes. For the next step, the CCP will definitely pretend it lose, and then sign special trade agreements to combat them one by one.

At the time when the scientist testified at the EU hearing, the relationship between the United States and China has returned to the beginning of the Shanghai Communiqué during World War II. Mr. Guo predicted that the only possible outcome between China and the United States is that the US wins, economic decoupling and beheading the CCP leaders, and then forming a new government to rule China. And after a series of US sanctions and the humanitarian crisis, China will eliminate the CCP from within. The CCP has no guts or ability to fight a nuclear war. The best and only option is to take down the CCP.

Author: TCC
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