More disruptive actions against China are coming

A visitor walks past a repurposed WWII poster adapted to the fight against COVID-19 at the Museum of American Armor in Plainview, New York, the United States, on Aug. 15, 2020. (Xinhua/Wang Ying)

Peter Navarro, director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, reaffirmed that the coronavirus had been created by the Chinese Communist Party when he spoke with reporters in the White House driveway on Wednesday. He responded to questions on a range of issues, including the Democratic National Convention, trade with China, and the response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“I think what is happening in here is this: the Democratic Party and the Chinese Communist Party have entered into a common call to defeat Donald J. Trump in a whole strategy, a strategy based on blaming this administration for the global pandemic created by the Chinese Communist Party, ” said Navarro.

Covering up their own eyes from firm evidence as those revealed by Chinese virologist Dr. Yan Li-meng that the CCP had created the virus and deliberately released it to the world,  the CCP regime has tried hard to change the narrative in order to evade accountability.

“If the coronavirus pandemic is a test for all governments in the world, the U.S. government undoubtedly flunked it, big time, ” China’s state-run Xinhua said in a commentary yesterday, “The COVID-19 tragedy could be prevented, had Washington been humble and responsible enough to listen to its scientists.”

Once the CCP said the virus came from a seafood market, later said it came from imported seafood and later said it came from nature, from bats, etc. It also said the US military had brought in the virus from the US.

“Even to this day as the coronavirus infections and deaths keep ballooning under its watch, the White House refuses to admit the errors of its tragic ways,” Xinhua said.

The Xinhua report went on to say that “U.S. politicians have also shifted the blame for their own incompetence, manipulating COVID-19 data to perplex the public, snatching much-needed medical supplies from allies, quitting the World Health Organization over ill-founded charges, and launching a China-smearing campaign.”

“While shocking the world with its inability to contain the outbreak, the current U.S. administration has also displayed its specialty to further inflame some of America’s long-standing social problems that are becoming more acute because of the pandemic, including clamping down on nationwide protests against police brutality and racial discrimination,” Xinhua continued with its verbal tactics.

These weeks we have seen US President Donald Trump stepping up complaints about China, particularly over the spread of the coronavirus, which he regularly calls the “China virus”.

“What China did to the world was unthinkable,” Trump said.

Donald Trump said he called off last weekend’s trade talks with China Tuesday in Yuma, Arizona. “I canceled talks with China. I don’t want to talk to China right now.”

The Trump administration on Monday announced it will further tighten restrictions on Huawei Technologies. The administration added 38 Huawei affiliates in 21 countries to the US government’s economic blacklist, raising the total to 152 affiliates since Huawei was first added in May 2019.

Morgan Ortagus, US State Department Spokesperson, said in a press statement on August 19 that the US has terminated three bilateral agreements with Hong Kong.

The Statement read:

The Chinese Communist Party has taken drastic steps to erode the high degree of autonomy that Beijing itself promised to the United Kingdom and the people of Hong Kong for 50 years under the UN-registered Sino-British Joint Declaration. President Trump has made clear that the United States will, therefore, treat Hong Kong as “one country, one system” and take action against individuals who have crushed the freedoms of the people of Hong Kong.

As part of the ongoing implementation measures, we notified the Hong Kong authorities on August 19 of our suspension or termination of three bilateral agreements. These agreements covered the surrender of fugitive offenders, the transfer of sentenced persons, and reciprocal tax exemptions on income derived from the international operation of ships.

Many more punitive actions against China are coming soon, and some could disrupt important supply chains for the furniture industry, Washington, D.C., lawyer Michael Borden warned in a Home Furnishings Association webinar last week.

“These could be broad or they could be narrow, but they will all in the immediate term cause maximum chaos and disruption,” Borden said. “You’ve got to be really mindful that every few days there are going to be other executive orders, statements, administrative actions, regulations, impositions of sanctions, and they’re coming. They’re coming, and it’s going to be all the time, and they can be really disruptive.”

The CCP’s Baidehe conference was over when we saw reports yesterday of General Secretary Xi Jinping visiting Anhui Province. Instead of going to seriously flooded areas like Sichuan or Ningxia, Xi inspected the county of Funan in Fuyang City where he said “I have always been concerned about the people in flood-stricken areas.”

The hot topic in the country these days has been granted to Cai Xia, a retired professor at the Central Party School of the Chinese Communist Party who called the Communist Regime a “political zombie” and Xi Jinping the “mafia boss”.

These days look a bit quiet in China’s arena of politics. CCP killer Miles Guo said yesterday, “When it’s quiet, it means something big is coming.”

By Cloudy Seagail


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